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Question: 30 minutes a day? That’s all to improve my business success?   

Answer: Yes!

Here’s how to change and improve your level of business success:

Every day, as soon as you arrive at work before anyone or anything distracts you, for the first 30 minutes, sit down at your desk with a blank piece of paper and pen in your hand or if you are more comfortable with a computer or other communication device, that’s fine and do three things:

1)      Make an outline of what you want to accomplish for the day. List everything you can think of that you’d like to accomplish just for that day. Not tomorrow. Not the rest of the week. Just today.

2)      Now stare at that blank piece of paper (or screen) and write down whatever comes to your mind about what you should do to make your business day more successful. Visualize it. Then write it down.

3)      Get in action. Make it happen.

If you set aside 30 minutes at the start of your business day, consistently, you won’t believe the ideas and thoughts you come up that will help you reach your business goals. 

At the end of your business day, before you leave work, review what you wrote in the morning. How much of your list did you accomplish? Were your business goals appropriate for the day? How many ideas were you able to incorporate into your business day? Some of the ideas you come up with will be useless, some may be pure innovation. You’ll find yourself more organized, more energized, more productive and more successful every day, throughout the entire work day. 

You’ll soon find it’s the best 30 minutes of your business day.

Let me know how this works out for you by sharing your comments.

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