9 Lessons To Ensure An Effective LinkedIn Campaign

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9 Lessons To Ensure An Effective LinkedIn Campaign

By Jorge Argota


Creating a LinkedIn campaign is a wonderful marketing channel to integrate your goals & objectives.  Whether you’re marketing yourself or your business, LinkedIn will help you attain your objectives and goals.

LinkedIn specifically caters to the B2B market. However, using LinkedIn effectively as a marketing campaign is a whole other subject. Let’s dive a little deeper and empower you with digital knowledge.

 Lead Generation

Lead generation has been around for a very long time and has evolved. As such we have to switch strategies and tactics and adapt to this channel.  Building a list of quality leads should be your focus when creating a database of contacts.

Customer Retention

Keeping customer retention is vital.  With LinkedIn you could potentially create a database of clients you have done business with and send them an email to opt in into your marketing funnel. This is especially true when you do not own a website or do not have the means of creating a lead generation form.

3rd Party Email Blast

I am going to dive a little off topic to deal with the legal parts. I strongly recommend you use an email provider with an “opt in”.  Consider Mail Chimp, I-Contact & Constant Contact.

LinkedIn & Customer Retention

So back to customer retention & LinkedIn. LinkedIn will help throughout your marketing campaign by generating a list of quality leads that you can use to help you find and connect with your target audience.

Strategically using these leads is up to you.  A tactic I recommend is segmenting your contacts (e.g. Influencers, sales, Decision makers) with Tags and cater and customize your emails for them. Just remember no one likes to get spammed - sobe smart, creative and make sure you know them or have done businesses with them in the past.


The LinkedIn Power House

One of the many great and powerful features of LinkedIn (Export Contact List) allows you to easily create a database. The trick here is when you connect with someone, LinkedIn automatically gives you their email and it’s placed inside your LinkedIn account.  

So let’s go ahead and export your contact list out of LinkedIn:

  1. Head over to connection at the top of your LinkedIn home page and a drop down menu will appear, select Keep in touch.
  2. Click the little wheel icon “setting” at the top right on head over to the contact settings page.
  3. On the right hand side you will see advanced setting, click export LinkedIn connections.
  4. You may go ahead and enter your verification if it comes out and then hit continue.
  5. Click the export button.
  6. Now you may save the file anywhere you want on your desktop.

So there you have just Make sure you filter out any unwanted emails before you send!

Let’s dive in some research and empower you with knowledge. Here are some statistical figures for customer retention.

Most effective digital Marketing tactics for customer retention of us marketers

  • Email Marketing 56 %
  • Social Media Marketing 37%
  • Content Marketing 32 %
  • Referral Marketing 26%
  • Search Engine Optimization 13%
  • Display Advertising 12 %
  • Mobile Advertising 8%
  • Digital Video Advertising 7%
  • Affiliate Marketing 6%
  • Paid Search 4%

Source:  Source: Marketingcharts.com

Email Follow up

As you can see it’s always important to form some type of relationship and then follow up with a “opt in”. Not only will it help you build relationships with your audience but help drive more sales in the future. As a business you always want a consistent flow and by being able to retain your customers will ensure your success with your LinkedIn campaign.

Social Media Follow up

Social Media comes in second place and it’s always great to keep a conversation going even after they have completed your goals. Engagement is king and if you can always find innovative ways in keeping your prospects engaged you will always have a flow in your business model.

LinkedIn Resources & Strategies

LinkedIn offers a plethora of resources that you can keep retention in your campaign such as publishing on pulse, creating groups, and socially interacting with your audience directly.  Be creative and truthful, build trust and always set your goal to become an industry leader.

PS : Engage, Engage & Engage even after the buying cycle.

Author bio:

Jorge Argota is the owner of agenciamarketing.org His responsibilities include developing business relationships and implementing internet marketing channels, strategies and tactics in order to ensure the effectiveness of company development. He educates, informs and provides insightful resources for anyone willing to listen and learn.


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