Are You Using WiseStamp?

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What is this thing you call WiseStamp?

(Stolen right from their website!)

WiseStamp helps you create beautiful, professional email signatures for you, and for your team, so you can turn each email you send into a marketing tool.

WiseStamp’s vision is to build an Email Apps Platform that enables users to utilize their emails with social, productive and engaging Email Apps.

There’s a huge gap between email and the social and dynamic web of today.
Our passion is to bridge this gap by building a strong platform with a variety of Email Apps that on one hand lets users make a better use of their daily emails - adding a whole new level of functionality and interaction - and on the other hand enables publishers (social services and brands) to distribute their content and engage users in one of the biggest online markets – email.

Who Is Naomi?

Naomi Goldberg is WiseStamp's Content Team Lead, responsible for all of WiseStamp's content and social media efforts. A British ex-pat, Naomi spends most of her time on social media, or discussing the weather. Naomi also contributes to @SocialMediaToday and 

#LinkedInChat Questions:

  1. So tell us a bit about yourself  - who are you and when did you get involved with WiseStamp?
  2. Tell us a bit about WiseStamp - what it is, how we use it?
  3. So, isn't email dead? 
  4. Should email signatures incorporate social media buttons?
  5. Are LinkedIn groups a good source of leads?
  6. Why do email signatures matter?
  7. What are your biggest signature no-no's?
  8. What's your best email signature tip that we might not know already?
  9. What's the difference between WiseStamp and the business version?
  10. Can I use WiseStamp with my Apple Mail or Outlook?
  11. Which online marketing tools do you love?
  12. Can you give us a discount for a WiseStamp upgrade?

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