Do You Need a Premium LinkedIn Account?

By: Viveka Thursday July 7, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium Account

I'm always getting asked that question! And the answer is.. it depends!

True Story:

LinkedIn really pissed me off back in November (happy to tell you the whole story privately sometime.) I decided to "show them" and I canceled my Premium account. Because my $60 investment was really going to make or break LinkedIn :) 

I lasted about 2 weeks on free until I had to upgrade again.

But that's me. Obviously, I use LinkedIn a lot. But how about you? Should you upgrade?

What I tell my clients is, "Use LinkedIn's free offer until you hit the wall." When you can't do what you want to do on LinkedIn, invest in an upgrade. (Personally, I prefer Business Plus over Sales Nav.)

If you have been wondering if LinkedIn Premium is for you, read the article below that I wrote for the Social Media Examiner on the 4 top reasons to invest in a Premium account.

4 Reasons LinkedIn Premium Is Good for Marketers

You can read the WHOLE and ORIGINAL article by clicking here.

LinkedIn was developed specifically for growing your business and building relationships.

Marketers and business owners spend money on their businesses each month; whether it's a CRM tool (like Salesforce or Nimble), a business consultant or virtual assistant, or a tech person or service to manage their website.

LinkedIn is that same type of investment, yet with social aspects. Plus, in some cases, it's easier to see the results of your efforts on LinkedIn than with other resources. LinkedIn's Business Plus features are integrated and easy to use within your LinkedIn account.

Here's how LinkedIn Premium can help your business:

#1: See Everyone Who's Viewed Your Profile

#2: Make the Most of Advanced Search Features

#3: Explore Premium Insights

#4: Take Advantage of Premium Messaging

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Want More?

While you certainly don't have to use Premium in order to get High Quality Leads on LinkedIn, as you can see by the article above, it certainly can help! If you have any questions about LinkedIn Premium or my High Quality LinkedIn Leads program, please feel free to email me by hitting reply!


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