Fear And Negativity Are The Enemy Of Business Success – by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Wednesday March 2, 2016 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip

Business is a human event. It’s not just buildings and office equipment or company vehicles. It’s a human experience.

What happens in this human experience we call “business”?  Answer: A lot of fear – that’s what helped humanity to survive. It’s a natural instinct at the most basic level.

People have fear inside of themselves. We’re essentially born with the element of fear inside ourselves; otherwise, the human race wouldn’t be here. If we didn’t know how to protect ourselves, know how to get away from wild animals, to develop tools to craft and build, we wouldn’t survive.

There are different types of fear. There’s fear that shuts you down. There’s fear that ties you up in knots and you don’t know what to do next.

But there’s also fear that says: I’ve done this before. I need to really be cautious because I’m aware of what’s going on – and I want to make sure I absolutely get it right, so I am afraid of making a mistake. Because I am afraid of making a mistake, I will research it and answer every question in my mind. Then I will make a decision.

That’s the type of fear you want to have.

You want to have the type of fear that you may remember from when you were much younger. Perhaps things weren’t going so well. Maybe you had trouble paying the bills, even the rent. Or had trouble putting food on the table or paying off college loans. That’s the kind of fear we want to remember every single day.


Because it drives you forward towards survival and more importantly, business success.

You don’t want the type of fear that’s going to keep you from moving forward.


What you also have to be careful of is: Negativity.

Negativity is something that seems to be everywhere today. For example: People talking bad about other people; people putting other people down and looking for the worst in everybody.

If there is someone around you that’s negative about anything at all, you must turn that around and create a positive experience in your business day and those you work with to eliminate the negativity. If you have people around you that like the negative “drama”, are gossipers, like to “stir it up”, you don’t need to be involved with that type of business experience. It doesn’t serve anyone.

You want the type of business experience where people are looking to do the right things in the right way and to help you grow in business and to have a good life.

Yes, business is about making money. But being tied up in knots with fear and being involved in negativity, from whatever direction it may be coming from, keeps you from having a good life.

The key is to realize what’s happening and going on around you in your world. If you’re not paying attention and not really thinking much about it, then you are going to be put in a situation where the fear and negativity will converge. It will hold you back from what you want to do and where you want to go in business and in life.

Do an audit of yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I afraid of?
  • Is the fear logical?
  • Is the fear irrational?
  • Is the fear a concern that, for example: I am going to lose a client and have to go sign another client? Or: Am I afraid a meteorite is going to hit the earth and everything will be destroyed in its path?
  • Is it rational or reasonable?


Remember: Get the negativity out of yourself and your life. When you’re talking about other people or you’re having conversation directly with people, always make sure you aren’t the one being negative.


Positive fear and eliminating negativity goes a long way towards being consistently successful in business.


To your success!

Howard Lewinter

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