How To Cope With Business Stress – by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Thursday July 7, 2016 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Stress

There’s no doubt about it: We live in a fast paced, ever changing world. That brings with it demands on our daily business lives and for many of us, a lot of stress.

Are you stressed?

If so:

What are you stressed about?

In order to resolve the business stress, you need to:

Identify exactly what is creating or causing the stress.


For example:

  • Is it because you’re not getting enough of your work done?
  • Is it because you don’t have enough incoming work to do?
  • Is it because of a co-worker you work with?
  • Is it because of a client you work with?
  • Do you have a computer or other office equipment that doesn’t work right and needs replaced?
  • Do you need a different work space to improve your work flow?
  • Is it because of something else that needs addressed but you keep avoiding it hoping it will “just do away”?


Whatever the business problem or business issue is that is causing you worry, frustration and angst – in other words, stress, ask yourself:

  • What are you going to do about it? And when?
  • Why do you continue to put up with the situation?


Set a timeframe. NOW.

  • Identify the business situation you’re most stressed about.
  • Sit down in a quiet place without distraction.
  • Think through the circumstance.
  • Determine what you need to work through.
  • Analyze what the unintended consequences may be.
  • Move forward with an action plan.
  • Revise plan as needed.


But start addressing the business stress… NOW!

Why spend one more day being stressed about something that you don’t need to be stressed about?



If you solve the business problem or business issue, you will no longer be stressed. You’ll feel better. Then you can go on to the next business challenge.

Start being proactive about the business problems and issues you are faced with. Don’t permit small events to turn into big monsters that you’re afraid to deal with. Why put all that stress on your mind and body? It’s not worth it!


In the words of Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show: "Nip it in the bud! You got to nip it in the bud! ... Nip it!” 

Once you do… You can open your mind up to a more successful business vision.

Have a GREAT business day!

To your success!

Howard Lewinter

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