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As Aretha Franklin famously sings:

“R – E – S – P – E  – C – T

Find out what it means to me.”

Here in South Florida, due to the constant heat and humidity, the garbage is picked up twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. From my office window, I can see when the garbage truck stops in front of the property. I always turn my chair to watch.

The garbage collector is one of the people and jobs I admire most! First of all, somebody’s got to do it! Garbage collection is a necessary service to modern society. I have always admired the people who actually come around on the trucks to collect the garbage each week, in all kinds of weather, since I was a child. I was fascinated with those big trucks and how the men could make bags of garbage just disappear in seconds! But now, as an adult, my admiration goes beyond that. What I have learned over the years is that anyone, in any job, with the right attitude can excel, find satisfaction and contribute to the community.

We are so caught up in our world and everything we have to face on a daily basis in business that sometimes we forget about the word, respect. And let me add a second word, recognition. 

In business, there is always discussion at companies, large and small, about bringing the team together. Working with employees for the greater good of the individual as well as the organization and that of the customer. All of that is good.

But from the outside looking in, it appears many times to be just conversation. Does the conversation lead to anything positive or productive? If we’re not fully respecting (and recognizing) the people around us – co-workers, vendors and customers, then how can we ever accomplish what we want to accomplish if we don’t bring the people around us with us? 

Respect in business is highly important to the success of any company – and to each and every department within a company.

Think about it. How would you feel if you were on the other side of the conversation? If you were the one not being respected or your work wasn’t appreciated? Would you have great performance or would you do the minimal of what was absolutely necessary to get by?

The world we live in and work in today revolves around much uncertainty, stress and at times, chaos.  Don’t let the world or business turn you into an unfeeling individual who doesn’t understand the needs of the people you work with and those you serve as customers.

Let’s start to make the world a better place by appreciating everything around us. Let’s start in our own offices and companies. Respect and recognize everyone’s hard work regardless of title or position, whether it’s the CEO, the receptionist or the cleaning person. Think about taking the time to make the extra effort, to take that extra step, to spend that extra moment. 

What will be the outcome?

What results can be achieved by you and others?

A happier workplace. Less stress. More satisfaction for everyone.

Oh, yes, significantly increased success and a more profitable company.

With just a little more R – E – S  – P – E – C - T, great things will happen during your business day!

Howard Lewinter

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