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LinkedIn Contacts

Let’s chat a little bit more about why I think LinkedIn Contacts are a BIG DEAL!

Personal Assistant

LinkedIn is making a big deal about the personal assistant aspect of contacts – and you know what, I think they’re right. I have hired Virtual Assistants to do less for me, and the intelligence behind the new contacts app is a time saver.

The conglomeration of all your contacts, calendars, and even communications in one place is ingenious. Now if they could just add a scheduler and an updater like HootSuite – I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

I love the ability to take notes on my connections, make a note about where I met the person, but more importantly schedule reminders. (I would love it if the reminder feature linked with my calendar and allowed me to actually choose the time of the reminder, but this is a great first step.)


Follow -Up

If you suck at follow-up like I do, you’re going to love these features. I’ve already been more successful in my weekly follow-up with contacts, and reengaged with long-lost buddies which directly resulted in increased income. Yeah LinkedIn! And you don’t even have to pay for it.



LinkedIn’s had tagging for ages. But now it’s just easier to do. It’s all in one place. The only downside is that you can no longer send messages to tagged groupings. Stay tuned on other downsides in my next article.


Remove Connections

Finally, as I mentioned in my previous article, we can remove connections again.

Birthday and Announcement Feature on LinkedIn Contacts

One of the things I love about the new Contacts application is the birthday and announcement feature.  Now I know we already have this in Facebook – in fact – that’s where LinkedIn gets its info from.  But let’s face it.  On any given Birthday, someone might receive hundreds of well wishes.  The eyes glaze over.  But LinkedIn (at least right now) is a different story.  Plus your letter to them will come as a message – not one update lost amongst a bunch of others…

I’ve already reached out to five or six people that LinkedIn told me had been promoted or had a birthday, and two people responded with consulting requests.


“Lost Touch”

The other feature I love is the “Lost touch” feature. This shows you who in your network you’ve not engaged with recently. As I looked through that list of people, there were some awesome folks that I just lost touch with. I couldn’t believe it had been three years like LinkedIn said, but it had been. Needless to say messages went out to all those people.


Recent Conversations

Of course the recent conversation feature is also a rockstar. It links with the member’s profile where you can now keep notes like a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) tool. You been able to do that before – but now LinkedIn is also showing your shared updates and Tweets to keep you TOMA with what you recently communicated about.  (You might need – a free tool – for this to work).


Facebook and Twitter Linking

I was extremely nervous about linking Facebook and LinkedIn – but as far as I can tell my Facebook updates are not imported into LinkedIn. You’re just linking your Facebook friends which allows you to see their birthdays, and invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn, if you want to.


These are my  favorite features so I started with them first. But stay tuned for a more comprehensive tour of Contacts as well as newer discoveries that I make. I’ve always said that social media is not about the numbers, but about your engagement with the individuals those numbers represent. In most cases, those numbers in your Connections link are real people!  (A few spammers and scammers excluded)  These are real people that you can engage with, build a relationship with, and possibly even do business with!


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