LinkedIn Pulse Hack – How to Quickly Get to Your Channels and Discover Page

By: Viveka Monday July 27, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Pulse


New User Interface:

I wanted to show you a quick hack for LinkedIn's new Pulse User interface.

You might have noticed that now when you go to Interests and Pulse, that the page that opens is the latest Pulse story – NOT the discover page.

Now the Discover page is actually to the left of the Pulse link. If you click the three bars the icon will expand into a snapshot of the old Pulse channels – But you STILL have to come click on  “Discover more” to find your actual channels, follow people, etc.


Are you a visual Learner?  Then check out the video here:


Pulse Hack:

Here's my little hack, because the above solution is WAY TOO MANY steps to find a simple link.

  1. Create a Folder

I have created a folder in Chrome, (but of course you can just create folders in Safari, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla) 

  1. Save the link

Save the link in your browser to your new Pulse folder.  This quick link will save you tons of time searching for your favorite Channels, Author Pages or Discover Page.

  1. Save the URL!

I've got Pulse Discover, (which by the way is just saved so that I can easily find Pulse channels for my clients as well as myself when I am researching what's hot and what's popular in that particular channel.

  1. Edit the Link Name

Another thing to be aware of when saving a link, is that the NAME on the saved link will reflect the latest Published Post.  But the URL will be accurate.  SO I recommend editing the NAME of the link to the name of the channel: i.e. Professional Women Channel, Productivity Channel, etc. 

Ninja Trick

I research Channels to see what folks are talking about and what is getting shared.  The chances of my Publisher Post getting moved to a Pulse channel are greater if it's enough in alignment with the content that's being shared there.

And that’s it!

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