LinkedIn Search Tip: Your Connections’ Connections

By: Viveka Wednesday April 6, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Prospecting, LinkedIn Connections, LinkedIn Tips

Searching Your Connections' Connections!

My friend Bob Burg says “All things being equal, people do business with people they know, like and trust.” So this gives you the opportunity to search people you know, like and trust and see the people that they know, like and trust.

To do this, all you have to do this is find someone you know, like and trust on LinkedIn and then click on the number of connection (if it's in blue) in their bio section.  (If it’s black, this won’t work.)

The blue number link will take you down into their profile into their connections section.  Click on the little magnifying glass and expand it into a search box.  Now all you have to do is search on a keyword or title to see who they know.What I love about the connection’s connection search is when you find someone in that search, you can invite them to connect very easily just by clicking on the connect button and saying something like, “Hey, I see what we share Brian in common, would love to connect with you because of…” and then give them a reason.

Bam!  Done!

This is a very effective way to grow your network strategically with the right kind of high-quality leads you are looking for!

What are you doing to connect and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn?


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