LinkedIn for Job Seekers – Part Two

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LinkedIn for Job Seekers - Make a Good Impression

So from the previous post you have a good idea of what the job requirements are for the positions you are interested in.  Now is the time to make a good impression!

You must upload your image!

We are a highly visual species – so you want to make sure your profile is visually attractive. This means uploading a good picture of yourself – a professional picture of yourself. A selfie will not do!  Nor will a logo – or leaving this area blank!  And once you have uploaded the photo, make it visible to everyone.

If you don't have the money for a professional photoshoot – then grab a friend with the good camera, do yourself up, play with lighting, and snap about  a 100 pictures. I guarantee at least one of those will be good enough to represent you on your LinkedIn profile.

Ninja Tip:  You can also check on Amazon Local, Groupon or Living Social for people doing photoshoots at a discounted rate

Add a Hero Image

LinkedIn now has what is known as a hero image – this is a 1425 x 450 pixel image that you can upload to represent you.

Some of my favorite ones are:

 And mine is:

I've written a whole article on it here:

If you are not artistically inclined (which I am not) you can always have someone put together a lovely image for you at  It will cost you all of $5!  When you reach out to Fiverr, just let them know that the Hero Image needs to be 1400 x 425 pixels and to leave the bottom middle free for the profile itself.  You can always share the LinkedIn profiles above to give them an idea of what you are looking for.

Professional Headline

Because you are looking for a job, you probably will not have “ Title at Company” (LinkedIn’s Default) in the Professional Headline. LinkedIn gives you  120 characters (including spaces) to describe who you are, what you do, and who you best serve. 120 characters isn't a lot, but its better than a blank space! Craft your professional headline in a word document so you can count the characters, and check for spelling errors.  If you can avoid contractions (Mktg) do so. 

You might consider something like:

  • Project Manager with 15+ years expertise in Aeronautics  -  specializing in manufacturing.  
  • Marketing professional with 12+ years, specializing in social media and inbound marketing.
  • Professional blogger who has worked with companies like Forbes, The New York Times, and the Washington Post. Available.
  • When you communicate on LinkedIn people look at your Picture, Name and Professional Headline – so take a minute or two to create a good one!


One of the most important parts of your Profile is your Summary section.  Expand upon what you put in your Professional Headline in your Summary. You have 2000 characters to tell people why they should hire you!

Don't just list your skills and expertise.  Tell people why your skills , experience and expertise will help them in their businesses. Essentially – why they should hire you! What's in it for them?

Of course, you have to know what you want to do and the type of company or industry you want to work within for this to be effective!  Picture your future employer when you write your Summary- and don’t forget to include the copy you created in your research from LinkedIn for Job Seekers Part One!


If you've got any kind of media: images, YouTube videos, articles, or even a portfolio that credentials your work, make sure to add that media in your summary section. The first five files or links that you upload will be visible.  Have you been interviewed online anywhere?  Upload that.  Have you been mentioned in a blog?  Share the link?  Written about in a magazine – take a snap shot.  Do you have video or audio testimonials of your awesomeness?  Add the links.  Do you have a video resume?  Upload it on YouTube and add the link.  Do you have a resume, testimonial or CV, upload them!


Add relevant experience. The experience section is not just for 9-5 jobs!  (Otherwise it would be called Jobs!)  Think a bit outside the box if you are new to the business world – or have been away for awhile. 

  •  If you've done volunteer work, add it.
  • If you have done some consulting in your area of expertise, add it.

 In my Experience section

  • I have my book listed with interviews and other media
  • I have my YouTube and SlideShare PPTs uploaded
  • I have the guest blogging that I have done listed
  • As well as my key clients
  • All of this is experience, and expertise – and all of that counts!


Speaking of areas of expertise – make sure that you list all your skills, and then actively ask your network to endorse you for them. You can arrange them in any order you want – it is no longer restricted to chronological order.  I have my opinions about the legitimacy of Endorsements, but the fact is – people look at them!


Of course add any Education, Courses, or Certifications that you received. Add any publications that you've been a part of (not only books you have written, but e-books, blogs, or even chapters you might've been quoted in.) Obviously this does not apply to everybody, but again, think a little bit outside the box. Where have you been published?


In the additional information section at the bottom of your profile, add your interests. Not only what you like to do, but your keywords, List your Keywords and separate your keywords by a comma (This will make them searchable.) You have 1000 characters in this area.

These steps shouldn’t take you more than a few hours, and will result in your profile being both more find-able and interesting.  Don’t wait another minute!


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