LinkedIn’s Newest Look? Love it or List It????

By: Viveka Friday October 23, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn User Interf, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Update

So… Thought you might want to look at the new LinkedIn user interface.

And yes, I'm going to give you my honest opinions of it.  For instance, I think it looks a little bit juvenile. I preferred the old user interface, but they didn't ask me.

As far as functionality, everything is pretty much the same except for Groups. In fact, my feeling is that this new user interface overhaul was designed to align with the new looks of Groups, as well as the new LinkedIn Groups App and New LinkedIn Mobile App.

Other than the new blue bar up top, everything seems to be – right now – as it was.

2015-10-22_12-06-39When you go to your homepage, everything that you're used to seeing is still there. You can view your recent activity, see who's viewed your profile, who's viewed your posts.

Your share an update,  upload a photo, and publish a post are all still in the same place. Your timeline is still here. Your keep in touch is still on the top right. What I have noticed is that there's a lot more white  (well, light grey) space. And that’s with my profile in actual size. I'm thinking that LinkedIn is making more space for Ads, maybe?

Within your profile Tab, everything is still the same

Which is also true of the Connections Tab, the Education Tab and the Jobs Tab.

The big change has been under the “interests” tab with groups. I've got a couple videos already on new groups changes if you want to check my YouTube channel.

A few more things about the new Groups on your LinkedIn Website: Your Groups homepage now focuses on your Highlights.  LinkedIn says that the new Groups algorithm is smart, so you will see more of the type of content you tend to comment on and that you share. The stuff that you don't like, don't comment on, don't share, you won't see.

I like that they have your most active groups easily visible on the right so that you can check out and see what's happening in your most active groups, as well as just scrolling through the timeline to see what's happening in all your groups.

Within My Groups you can see your active groups and very easily click into those groups. I did prefer the old look a little bit more, because it showed you the engagement within the group (discussions, things to manage, jobs posted.) Now you have to click on the group to see the actual engagement.

Oh.  This is also where you will go to create a new group.

And search for a group.

If you didn't watch my previous videos, what has changed in groups is that you can only “request to join” or be invited to join a group.  Also, you've got unlisted groups and standard groups.

Any group that is unlisted, you can't even find it in a search. You actually have to be invited to that group by the group administrator.

All other groups are standard.  And there are no more sub-groups.  Standard groups are findable in a search. You can request to join those groups. You might not be accepted but you can request to join. Another group member can invite you to join as well.

Discover is kind of nifty because LinkedIn will actually come up with some groups that it thinks you should become a member of. You just go and click on ask to join, so if there's a group that it comes up with and you're like "Yeah, that would be a pretty good group for me," you could just ask to join that group. It may take a while before the admin accepts you into the group, so just be aware of that restriction. You can no longer can't just willy nilly join any group that you want to.

When you jump into a group, you'll notice there's new color coding. Again, that is reflected in the new app. You can see the conversations (instead of updates) And instead of manager's choice it now says featured.

You can like and comment ton conversations, but you'll notice that you can no longer share those converstions. The reason you can't share them is, on top of all the other restrictions, there are no more open groups, so there's no more open content. The ability to share content outside of a group is gone. That's a little bit of a bummer for those of us who were using LinkedIn groups for content marketing and for visibility.

I’m most upset by the fact that you can no longer search for specific member. There's no way of searching or even sorting them anymore. There's just a list. And you don't know if you're first level connection with that person or not because LinkedIn doesn't show you that.  The only thing that you can do is send a message. At least we can still do that.

One of the tools I use is called LinMailPro, and they're actually working on a fix for that. It's a third party app. Maybe that will bring us some of the functionality back.

Finally, there is the Companies Tab. I imagine the next big change that LinkedIn is going to make is to company pages. We can only hope so. But for now you'll notice that's still pretty much the same look as we had before.

So that is the new LinkedIn User Interface!  That is pretty much what is new with the new LinkedIn user interface. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected], or on Twitter I'm @LinkedInExpert. Feel free to ask any questions there. Hopefully you found this useful, and see you again next time.


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