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Here’s the skinny on LinkedIn Lookup

LinkedIn says it’s the fastest way to find, learn about, and contact anyone at your company, even if you’re not connected to them on LinkedIn.  According to LinkedIn, Lookup helps you to:

“Search quickly - Looking for someone (IN YOUR OWN COMPANY) with a specific skill set or job responsibility? Search by name, experience, job function, title, or expertise. It’s that easy.

Discover easily - Meeting someone new at work?  Learn more about them, and find common ground by simply viewing their profile.

Contact instantly - Get in touch with your coworkers through email, phone, or chat — in one handy place. No need for multiple contact lists.”

So I guess that is kinda cool if you work for a mid to large sized company that doesn’t already have a similar internal system.  As far as the Solopreneur – not sure that this tool is that big of a deal.  I already have the phone text and email addresses of all my employees….



9 Steps to Getting Started

  1.  The first thing that you're going to want to do is go to

  2.  Then it's going to ask you to sign into LinkedIn.

  3.  Once you've done that, LinkedIn will bring you to the startup page. Click on let's go.

  4.  It's going to ask you for your company email address, so if you sign in with a personal email address, you'll need to put your company email address within this box.

  5.  Then it's going to ask you for your cell phone number.

  6.  Once you've done that, it's going to send you a code that will allow you to move on to the next step, basically making sure that you're who you say you are.

  7.  You’ll probably want to download the mobile app (if you have an iPhone – Android is coming soon)

iTunes link here:

  8.  After you've done that you can start searching for co-workers.

  9.  Now you can message anyone in your company and it'll show up both in Lookup on their phone and in LinkedIn.

That's pretty much, right now, what Lookup does.

I'm not quite sure how it differs from your company Rolodex, but it is a new tool from LinkedIn, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I think for larger companies this is pretty cool.

Doesn't quite make up for what LinkedIn's taken away from us. (Only 15 direct messages to people you share a group with and the reduced visibly in searches for people with free accounts,) but hey, at least it’s something (If you are in a larger company.)

You should be seeing it soon in an inbox near you, or just head to

Let me know what you think about this (and all the new changes on LinkedIn!)




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