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UPDATE again:

Ok -its not official  - - LinkedIn is getting rid of product and service pages and people are PISSED!

LinkedIn Abolishes the Products and Services Page on Company Pages

So I'm in the middle of showing a new client how to add and target products and services pages on LinkedIn, and he's all "I don't have that link".  And I'm all "Yes you do, if you go to your home page its in the drop down to the right of edit." And he's all "No its not."  And I'm all "Yes it is - here let me show you." (Big internal sigh and general frustration with people who don't know what an edit button looks like.  But it turns out he was right!  The Add Product link is gone!  Not only on his new Company page, but on my page too!

I still have the Products and Services tab on my Company Page, and I can edit existing products and services, and I can still create targeted products and services pages, but I no longer have the ability to add a new product or service.

So it looks like we will now have to create a whole new product and service strategy with Showcase Pages.

Unfortunately, besides losing the ability to add Products and Services we also lose:

  • The ability to share a specific website for individual products and services
  • The ability to upload a YouTube video that "lives" on the page for specific products and services
  • The ability to send traffic to specific employees
  • The ability to add special offers that "lives" on the page
  • The ability to add disclaimers that "live" on the page
  • The ability to receive recommendations for specific products and services
  • The ability to add specialties for specific products and services that "live" on the page

Will you be able to add links to your Showcase pages with YouTube videos of product demonstrations and customer testimonials - of course you can.  Can you add special offers and disclaimers as updates.  Yup.  But its just not the same.  And the big limitation is you are probably NOT going to want to create a Showcase page for each individual product or service (and build an audience for each product or service) so that, in my opinion, is a huge loss.

I understand that LinkedIn is really focused on Content marketing and curation right now - and Showcase Pages are great for that.  I simply don't understand why the two can't cohabit peacefully on your LinkedIn Company Page.  But apparently LinkedIn has decided they aren't important.  What a shame!

So now - what will your new strategy be with the loss of Product and Company Pages?

To read more on Showcase pages, click here and/or watch this video.



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