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In business and life, so much of what you do is perspective.  When things are going well, when the money is flowing in, when all is well with family and friends and you find yourself so busy that you don’t have time to think, it’s human nature to tend not to change anything. But when you don’t change anything you also don’t grow as a business person.  You pretty much stay stagnant.  And so does your work even though, at the moment, you may think things are moving along at a productive, positive pace. You just feel good, not as stressed or worried as you might otherwise. 

But this comfort zone can also give you a false sense of security because you may not be looking at or thinking about your work in ways that you should.  And that is why sometimes you have to lose in order to win; in order to remain at being the best at what you do.

A workplace loss can be anything including the loss of a valuable business associate or a key employee.  It can also be losing a long time, major account or customer that leaves a sizable dent in your company’s sales and profits.  It could also be an unforeseen catastrophe such as a flood or a fire or major weather event such as a snowstorm or hurricane.  It can be making a bad business decision or buying the wrong equipment.  It can even be from the economy with all its volatile twists, turns and uncertainty.

Whatever the reason or the cause, whenever there is a loss in the flow of your work, it’s time:

• to redefine  

• to reevaluate  

• to reassess  

• to reinvent

To improve in ways never thought possible. It’s about being willing to adapt and to change, in some way, with both your daily work, your attitude and your thinking. 

Use situations of loss and change to think through your workplace life as well as your personal life.

• Ask yourself: What do you REALLY want?

• Plus one more question – What will it take to get there?

Make positive changes that will be beneficial for years to come.  From loss can come real success. Make it a win-win for yourself – and everyone it impacts.

Remember: Sometimes you need to lose in order to win in business.

Howard Lewinter

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