What Inspires Your Business Thinking?

By: Howard Lewinter Friday December 18, 2015 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, business inspiration

Have you ever thought about where the great philosophers, the great entrepreneurs, the great gurus of whatever they are famous for and the great titans of business get their ideas? Would you like to be in the same position of being intuitive, focused and having the vision necessary for phenomenal business success?

Ask yourself:

What inspires your business thinking?


Recently, I was watching an excellent documentary on PBS entitled: Close To You: Remembering the Carpenters. The show was about the musical legacy of Karen and Richard Carpenter in the late 60s, 70s and early 80s. Today much of their music is considered pop music classics. Karen’s voice was truly unique among the great vocal performers of the era. When you listen to Karen vocals it’s timeless and awe-inspiring; and when you listen to the musical arrangements of the songs, you realize how gifted Richard was in creating the Carpenters distinct sound.

Several times during the documentary, Richard talked about how The Carpenters got ideas for chart topping hit songs. Initially, the group traveled by car pulling a small trailer. Then by bus as their popularity increased. Finally, they were so immensely successful with their music that the group traveled by private jet during concert tours.

They were so excited to be traveling by private jet. Travel by jet was much more comfortable and easier to go from city to city. One of the group members, when on the plane one day, turned to everyone and exclaimed: We’re on top of the world! Instantly, Richard received the inspiration for the Carpenters number one hit on the Billboard charts: Top of the World. If you have an opportunity to watch the PBS documentary on The Carpenters the time will be well spent with other examples of where inspirational thinking comes from for success no matter what business you are in.

As with the example of The Carpenters, inspiration for your business thinking comes from everywhere. The key to inspirational business thinking is:

  • You must to be ready for it.
  • You must be open to the opportunity.
  • You need to be listening for it as the moments are often brief and fleeting when they occur.

Otherwise, the inspirational moments and thoughts will just go by and nothing will happen.


If you want to be one of those titans of business, if you want to be someone other people respect, look up to and seek information from, if you want to be known as someone who others want to work with, then you need to:

  • Be willing to open your mind and to listen for what comes your way.
  • Be able to hear what’s going on above all the other noise encountered daily.
  • Understand what people want and need.


Technology may have changed over the years, we may be able to communicate faster, but the basic wants and needs of people are still the same.

If you can open your mind and listen, the business competition won’t even be able to keep up with you because you will have tapped into the pulse of today’s business world.



  • Open your mind
  • Open your eyes
  • Look around
  • Listen


Inspire your business thinking!


It could be a word or two, perhaps even a phrase or sentence. When you hear it, write it down. Remember it. It could be the beginning of more business success for you – and in the words of The Carpenters song on “top of the world”!


To your success! May 2016 be the best business year ever!

Howard Lewinter

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