Advice to a New LinkedIn User (Lurking in Answers)

By: Viveka Monday July 5, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Expert Tips, LinkedIn Answers

Advice to new users (sourced from LinkedIn’s Answers section)

I was lurking around LinkedIn “Answers” today looking to be inspired for this blog post.  The first question to pop up was, synchronistically, from my friend Michele Reynolds .  She asked: “What sage advice would you give someone just starting out on LinkedIn?

All the advice shared was dot on.  Some of the highlights were:

Nick Acott who said:  “Be friendly, offer advice where you can regardless of how trivial you may think it is and try to put up some engaging questions/posts on discussion boards.  And the occasional smiley face :) (You can find Nick at )

Sahar Adrade suggests (edited):

    • Be courteous,

    • Don’t push your services/ products,

    • Don’t self-advertise,

    • Don’t keep sending messages to all your connections and clutter their inbox

    • Be helpful as much as you can,

    • Pay it forward

Bryan Webb (LinkedIn Answers Master) says:

LinkedIn helps you build and maintain your network of professional relationships.  You will get out of LinkedIn what you put into it, thus:

    • Complete your profile so others can know you better.

    • Use the Outlook Toolbar to LinkIn your existing contacts to grow your network.

    • Play around with "Settings" to see what is best for you.

    • ALWAYS personalize an invitation to reflect where/when/how you met or the common ground or reason you wish to connect. Make it easy for the person to remember you and accept your invitation.

    • Get active in Q&A so that folks understand you better. This may lead to actual business if your expertise shines through.

    • Join relevant groups and get involved with people that you can connect with and get to know.

I loved this from Dan Sobel:  "Lurk before you leap".   Join a few groups and see what they are like. Watch answers, and decide what Linked-in means to you.

And Dave Maskin says:  Participate... If you don't show yourself here, nobody will know you exist...

I said:  I think it’s crucial to remember that even thought this is a business network, it is also a social network!

Now I am a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) because it gives me more access to the strategic people I want to connect with on LinkedIn.  It's only a numbers game because (what LinkedIn doesn't tell you is) you are only as visible as the size of your network.  Once you establish a healthy network (let's say 10 million) you need to establish strong connections.

I recommend reaching out to three people you know that you haven't connected to in awhile, and then three people you don't know  - do it every day.

    • Reach out to them by sending a message (1st level)

    • Forwarding a profile (1st level)

    • Sharing their updates (1st level)

    • Through groups (have to share a group, don't need to be connected)

    • Answers (anyone)

Start building those relationships - you never know where the gold mine lies!

Of course this is NOT about selling your wares - it is genuinely about what you can do for others, and what they can do for you!

If you have any tips for the new LinkedIn user, please share them here.


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