Do you have too many or duplicate accounts on LinkedIn?  LINKEDIN SCHIZOPHRENIA

By: Viveka Tuesday September 7, 2010 comments

Have you received this message: “You are not the intended recipient of this message”?  If so, you likely have more than one profile on LinkedIn.  This is one of the main reasons LinkedIn members find LinkedIn unusable.  So what do you do when you have more than one personality on LinkedIn?

How do you get rid of those extra pesky schizophrenic profiles?

  1. Well, first of all, make sure you have them.  Sign into LinkedIn using all the different email addresses you think you might have (and I hope you remember your passwords).  If you are able to sign in to different accounts, then guess what – you have more than one profile.  (Not to worry.  You’ll be able to add all your email addresses to what eventually becomes your primary account and ONLY profile.)

  2. Now -  sign into the “bad” profile.

  3. Go to  SETTINGS on the top right of the screen.


  5. Then choose “I have a duplicate account” and continue

  6. Be sure you VERIFY the correct account.  DON’T delete the account you want!!!  DO DELETE the secondary or tertiary accounts.  And remember, you will be able to add those email addresses to your primary account later on (so this doesn’t happen again).

  7. Continue through process (yes you really do want to delete that account !!!)

  8. Once you have closed all of your extra accounts, go into your primary (and hopefully your only remaining) profile and once again go into PERSONAL SETTINGS.

  9. Now you will want to go to EMAIL ADDRESSES and add all your functioning (and even past) email accounts.  Add ALL email addresses that anyone anywhere anytime might try and contact you by.  And before you ask, yes, this is completely safe and spam proof.  The reason you want to do this is so LinkedIn knows that from now on, any invitation or communication will be directed to your Primary Profile account, and LinkedIn won’t be creating extraneous accounts for you.

  10. Once you have picked your primary account, hit “MAKE PRIMARY”.  Then  “SEND CONFIRMATION MESSAGE” to all your other email addresses.

  11. At some point you’ll have to go to Outlook and accept and confirm email confirmation messages LinkedIn sends you.  This should take care of that pesky: “You are not the intended recipient” message.

So that’s it!  Now you can put all your effort into creating a kick ass profile and building your network.  But for that you have to take my class.

This is a great power point to help you limit your LinkedIn profiles down to one.  If you have more than one profile, on purpose or by accident, LinkedIn might shut you down.  This .ppt will show you how to avoid that

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