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I have been helping people create Professional LinkedIn Profiles for almost 5 years.  And I'm pretty darned good at it.  But when it comes to working with someone to create a business bio - for your website, for speaking opps, for anything (except LinkedIn of course) - the woman to contact is Maryjo Faith Morgan!

Maryjo interviewed me and 20 pages of notes later, this is the bio she created for me.  Wow.  I am even impressed with myself!

My new bio:

Viveka von Rosen has made a career out of helping people.

As CEO of Linked Into Business, Viveka enables business professionals to make personal connections in a professional manner.  When her clients make strides in their careers, she has met her objective.

Viveka focuses on working with female entrepreneurs, women who are either in business for themselves or want to be.  “So often they are on the verge of success but either don't have the marketing background or self belief to make it.”

Her job, through empowerment training, is to bump these clients into having a sense of self .  To help  them  use social media to market their product or service.  She exposes inferiority and not-enough-ness as crippling mindsets to be weeded out.

“It's all about relationship building and showing my clients how to use relationship, which they do well anyway, and make that into a path of income.”

The social media movement makes sense to her because she believes that people – at personal and professional levels – ultimately connect with other people.  Viveka saw LinkedIn's potential early on, and pursued connections and learning opportunities persistently.

As a result she has befriended many of Social Media's gurus.  Attending and speaking at workshops she has met some of her idols.  What impresses her is how incredibly generous these experts are with their time, whether they are grabbing lunch or sharing dinner after speaking before 25,000 people in the afternoon.  These experiences convinced her even more that she is completely capable of achieving the  kind of success she wants for herself, and enabling her clients to do the same.

“These famous people are just ordinary folks, too.  I tell my clients they can become successful in a relatively short time using the same tools, which are available to any of us.”

Viveka maintains that there are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to grow a business.  The hardest part?  Actually doing the steps it takes, focusing and strategizing.  And that's where the mentoring comes in.

When Viveka works with clients she asks over and over, in each situation,  “How has choosing this path brought you closer to your business and personal goals?”

The phenomenon of mentoring is that everything clients are doing at her suggestions now,  they could have done on their own and did not have the discipline on their own.  But when it comes to paying money – they do it and follow through.

She tells her clients, “Social Media is a great tool to express your genius and who you are.”  It is the opposite of anonymity.. “It  gives individuals the ability to share your voice, feelings, beliefs and some people hear them, as opposed to just being an unheard peon in a marriage, at work, or in a church.  A

lot of people feel unheard and unsupported, as if they have no meaning. Social media gives each person the opportunity to speak, gain a tribe and have some meaning.”

No wonder she gets so jazzed by social media.  “Looking back on every job I've had, it's been about helping people find out who they really are and expressing it.”

Viveka comes to Linked Into Business with a broad skill set, including sales, education, marketing, ministering, and competitive hang glider pilot training.  She credits her parents for her core values of honesty, faithfulness to person you love, and integrity.

She is grateful for great parents, good friends, and a good life. To her Social Media is just a tool – one that she deftly wields to accomplish what she is truly passionate about: women coming into their own,  empowered and moving into a space where they can lift other women up.  A place to get over this “not- enough-ness crap.

Once again - if you need a bio designed, you need to call:

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About the Author: Viveka

Viveka is author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”.
CEO of Linked Into Business, she also hosts the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter.  Forbes has listed her as a top social media influencer for three years running, and she has been cited in Ragan, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, Simple Living, Bloomberg, LinkedIn's Small Business Site and "The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn, The Miami Herald, Social Media Today and The Social Media Examiner!

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