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If Skype and LinkedIn had a secret affair, the result might be hookflash!






I recently met Trent Johnsen on one of our #LinkedInChats and discovered he was the co-founder of hookflashHookflash is a really cool iPad app (and business tool) that allows you to make calls and meet your LinkedIn connections face to face (well, over your iPad 2 or 3.)   I always say that LinkedIn is just the first step in building relationships, and hookflash takes you to that next needed level of real-time f2f interaction!

OK – right now it is only available for the iPad, but I am sure other tablets and smart devices are coming soon.  According to a recent hook flash blog article, the iPhone is on the way, and then there will be a browser-based version for everyone.

What does it do?

Allows you to engage, connect and VIDEO CALL anyone in your LinkedIn network!  How cool is that?

How do you use it?

According to Trent, all you have to do is “Get up in the morning, grab your iPad, and open hookflash. There you'll see the latest news and updates along with your complete professional directory in LinkedIn. Simply tap on a LinkedIn connection's name to start messaging, voice or video chat. If they're not using hookflash just touch the blue invite icon to the right of their name and send them a quick invite to join you on hookflash.”

It really is that intuitive.

What I will say is that I have a really big network on LinkedIn, over 24K, and hookflash was only able to download a fraction of those connections.  Unfortunately not the fraction of folks I was looking for.  I would love a search feature to find the peopleI want to connect with on hookflash – like – say – Trent!  However, I realize most people don’t have a network my size and for them, hookflash will be a great tool off the bat.  (PS - there might very well be a search feature not available with my network size - I'll ask trent these questions and more on the #LinkedInChat Tuesday night at 8 PM EST!  www.tweetchat.com/room/linkedinchat


What are some of the benefits?

Imagine you are a businessperson working in Tokyo (like my buddy Neal Shaffer) and you want to build a new market.  You can easily and instantly start connecting and creating REAL relationships, “instant, easy, high definition video, voice and messaging “ with your LinkedIn contacts anywhere in the world for free.”  Is it time to develop some business in Bali?  Well who do you know on LinkedIn in Bali?  Instead of asking for an introduction, get that person on hookflash and start a videoconference!  Are you looking for donors for your nonprofit?  It’s harder to say no when they are looking you in the eye!

I remember the phone bills I used to rack up with my Australian boyfriend (a long long time ago) and that was back when video phones were an awesome “wish we had those” feature in Star trek -along with the Communicator (cell phone) and Transporter (I’m still waiting!)  Anyway – where was I?  Oh yeah – so hookflash is better than the communicator and almost as good as the transporter because you can find relevant people to you and your business and take your online relationship deeper with the click of a button.  (I’m kind of glad match.com doesn’t have hookflash!)

Its cool.  You can download it for free in iTunes or at hookflash.com.  Plus the logo rocks!  It makes me think of beaches and fishing and all the spare time I will have now that my life and work have been simplified by hookflash :)

Trent shares that “This is just the beginning.  Our development team has been working hard on a lot more functionality that we're excited about bringing to our hookflash customers to support our vision of "Work. Life. Simplified"

So a bit more about hookflash and its co-founders, Trent Johnsen and Erik Lagerway. Trent says,  “We have both been working with telecom software and technology for the last 12 to 15 years and realized that the technology now exists to truly offer a better alternative to phones and phone companies. We think it's apparent that people's communications are moving to "the 4 screens"; mobile phone, tablet, computer, and TV. This social/technology trend is being driven primarily by three factors; social media, cameras and microphones in computing devices, and ubiquitous broadband & Internet connectivity.  Hookflash is a new service that integrates communications with social media on the four screens to enable "work, life, simplified."

According to Trent, they started with the iPad because “it's today's most beautiful combination of display, mobility, camera and computing - a near perfect device to replace phones….We essentially turn the iPad into the world’s best business phone with a directory of over a 160 million professionals on a free global digital network.”

A recent PRWeb article says, “with unique patent-pending features such as “social caller ID”, hookflash uses LinkedIn profile and activity feed information for each contact to provide features including identity assertion and social context so you know who you’re talking to and what they’ve been doing. With Hookflash there is no need to build and maintain a list of contacts. When you log in to Hookflash with your LinkedIn credentials, your information is always synced automatically with the world’s largest, fastest growing business directory straight from the cloud.”

I mean, really.  How cool is that?

But wait – there’s more!  I will have co-founder Trent Johnsen on the #LinkedInChat on July 31st at 8 PM EST.  What a great way to round out the month?  We’ll talk about hookflash of course, but also the importance of “real” networking when marketing onsocial networks!

#LinkedInChat Questions:

Finishing up from last week and leading right into this week…

Q1: (For everyone) Have you had any success using LinkedIn for marketing and sales?

Q2:  (For everyone) Have any of you had success in sales or marketing without going “offline” to the phone or F2F?

Q3: (For everyone) How do you communicate with potential clients on LinkedIn?

Q4:  (For everyone) Have you heard of hookflash yet?

Q5:  Trent is the co-founder of hookflash.  Really quickly, what does it do?

Q6:  Trent, why did you develop hookflash?

Q7:  Trent, how do we use hookflash?

Q8:  Trent, can you give us some examples or success stories?

Q9:  Trent, what more do we need to know about hookflash

Q10:  Open Q&A – Ask Trent any question you have about hookflash!

More info on hookflash can be found here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/hookflash/iPad/prweb9626926.htm

And here:


And at the website and blog: hookflash.com

We'll have a transcript for the evening's chat here as well.

Also, I will be the special guest on #GetRealChat right after: www.tweetchat.com/room/getrealchat and we'll be talking about groups - so let's meet there from 9:00 - 10:00 EST!



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