LinkedIn Company Search Analytics Have Changed

By: Viveka Tuesday March 15, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Answers, Linked Into Business

Company Search Analytics

My inbox has been flooded by people asking me why their companies no longer turn up in the Company Search – even under their own name.  And the short answer is – I don’t know why.  I’ve spoken with other experts and none of us has the answer.

When you query LinkedIn, the response goes something like this:  “Searches are usually done by geography and by (X number) of (industry specialists) in the US.  It makes SEO a huge business. My suggestion is to find and hire a consultant. Your account has no technical problems.”

But the fact is I probably have one of the best SEO’d personal and company profiles (its what I do for a living) and I have disappeared.  So have many of the other experts in my field.

  • I know its not SEO.

  • LinkedIn also suggests it's the size of your network – but I have 20+ Million folks in my network so that’s not it.

  • I have a paid account, so that’s not it.

  • I’ve been on LinkedIn for 5 years, so that’s no it.

My guess is it might have something to do with the new Google Analytics – but I don’t know how that could possibly effect such a change WITHIN LinkedIn.

What is interesting is that if you search under “Companies Home” as opposed to the  “Search Companies” field – you will get better results – even with keywords.  I always thought it was the same search, but apparently not!  As one of the LinkedIn Reps let me know:  “Really the one up top (search) is the shortened version of what is available on the full pages. The system is optimized for the type ahead functionality to select from a list. When you use the search box as you have it is searching anything about that company not just company name.”  No answer for why the change in results – but its something I suppose.  As I learn more I will let you know!

In the meantime, its now more important than ever to actually start connecting with your network.  Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you TAG your connections so you can more easily create and execute a communications campaign

  • Respond to every invitation with a quick “Thank you for reaching out to me how can I help you best” letter.

  • Reach out weekly to 3 people you haven’t talked to in a long time with a “I was just going through my LinkedIn connections and I saw your name.  How are you doing and what are you up to lately?” letter.

  • Reach out weekly to 3 people you don’t know with a “I was going through my connections and saw your profile.  I know we don’t know each other well, so I would love to know what you do.  Who is your best client?  How can I help you?  If I can ever refer anyone to you, please let me know” letter

  • Showcase your expertise in “Answers” to draw people to you (Check out Dave Maskin and Christine Hueber to see how to do it like an expert.)

  • Really engage with others in your groups – did you know there is a keyword search within the “members” section of your groups?

As the old AT&T Slogan goes – you gotta “reach out and touch someone”.

Stay tuned for more about the new search analytics turning LinkedIn users on their heads!


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