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By: Viveka Wednesday April 17, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn UI, LinkedIn Hacks


How To Re-Create LinkedIn’s Missing Pages and Drop-down Links

LinkedIn Hack

Have you received LinkedIn’s newest User Interface yet?  No – neither have I.  But fortunately my dear friend Susan lets me check her profile from time to time.

Which is how I discovered LinkedIn has changed its user interface -  again. I mean again in the past week.  I've got a whole video and blog post on that here if you have not yet seen it:

But what I wanted to point out was a really cool LinkedIn Hack that a friend of mine shared with me. Like most things, the best hacks are the easiest ones that make us go, “Duh – why didn’t I think of that!”  So thanks Dan Nickerson!

My biggest complaint about the new LinkedIn user interface was the fact that we lost so many of the drop-down links.  But as Dan so gallantly pointed out, you can always create a folder in your browser bar and pull your pages down into that new folder.

See video on how to do that here:

So if you miss the skills and expertise page, just go to and pull that page into your new folder on your browser bar.

Or if you missed the ease of clicking on your company page to edit it, now you just go to your company page and pull that link into your new folder.

Same thing with your favorite LinkedIn Groups

Or Connections Page:

Or Recommendations:

Or even our long lost Network Statistics:

It’s a quick, easy and simple solution to the lack of navigation on LinkedIn's new user interface.

What are your favorite tips or hacks?  Let me know in comments below!



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