LinkedIn’s New Profile User Interface is Cleaner - but has LinkedIn Given Up Functionality?

By: Viveka Monday August 20, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, New profile changes

LinkedIn Makes Some Good Changes to their New Profile User Interface

New LinkedIn Profile UI

Its funny – when LinkedIn released its new UI (black menu bar and not much else) I was rather disappointed.  And other than the timing on the new Profile UI (My book literally went into print the day before it was released) I am liking the new changes.

Since I don’t have access to it yet, my friend and client Skip Bryan said I could use his profile!  Thanks Skip.


If you do better watching a video rather than reading- check out the video tour I did of Skip’s profile showing you the difference.

So - LinkedIn released its new profile user interface update on the 18th. I think it looks great!

What I like:

  • Cleaner look

  • Easier to edit (kind of)

They've taken away a lot of the busy-ness by deleting all the details of your current and previous experience. LinkedIn has also deleted the ability to edit much of your profile from the old top of the line LinkedIn profile thumbnail.

Old LinkedIn Profile

In order to edit your profile you now have to go down into the body of your profile to edit both current and past positions (as well as education.) But I think that will be less confusing in the long run. The ability to edit your current experience but not your past experience “top of the fold” was confusing to me.

You can still upload your photo and edit your name, professional headline, location and industry from the new profile user interface.

What I don’t like:

  • Harder to find contact info

  • Websites have disappeared from Top of Fold

  • Recommendations are harder to find.

  • They got rid of vCards

  • They got rid of Network Statistics

What I don't like as much is that LinkedIn has hidden people's websites, Twitter accounts, and personal contact information underneath the little link that says “Edit contact info” (That information is also not visible in your connections’ profiles until you click on their “Contact info” link.

So until people get used to clicking on those links, that very valuable business linkage is not readily visible.  It's rather disappointing.  And I think it might hurt some Google ranking as well.  When they first released this UI a few months ago, the website links were visible under the LinkedIn Public Profile URL, but they pulled it in this version.  I hope they bring it back.

I also noticed that only two websites are now visible instead of all three in this top section.  Boo.  You can still add three websites and they will show in the Additional Information section usually found at the bottom of your profile.

The other thing that is different is where you get (and see) recommendations.

Of course you used to be able to get, give and see recommendations just by clicking on the recommendations link.   But now you have to click on the drop-down box to the right of “View.”  That is where you will now ask for recommendations.

Alas – to see your network’s recommendations you must now scroll down into the body of their profile.  And there is no longer a recommendation count.

I cannot believe they got rid of vcards!  Granted, many LinkedIn users didn't even know they existed, but those of us who used them, used them frequently and liked them.  I am wondering how this is going to affect the apps out there who use your vcards to populate their data (ConnectedHQ etc).  I have NO IDEA why LinkedIn would think this was a good idea.

They also got rid of Network Statistics.  You can still see your 1st level connections and your total network size on your home page, but the ability to see your 2nd and 3rd level connections is kaput!  WHAT????  OK - granted, LinkedIn has been broken as far as Network Statistics for me since I hit about 10K 1st level connections, but for the average user it was a great monitoring tool.  Sigh.

Just in case you were worried about some of the other functionality, in "View's" dropdown you can still:

  • Create a profile in another language.

  • Share your own profile.

  • Export your profile to a PDF

The blue “Improve your profile link” will bring you back to the old page that – well – gives you suggestions on how to improve your profile.

Other people’s profiles:

The other thing you'll notice is when you click over to one of your network’s profiles, the ability to interact with them has changed.  All the engagement links used to be to the right of the profile page.

Now if you want to send a message, recommend someone or suggest a profile update as well as find references (which is new to this section) you have to click on the drop-down box next to “Send a message.”  I love that they have named this heading "Engage".

If the person you are looking at is not a first level connection, your options become “Connect” or “Send an InMail.”

Marc Miller asked about saving a profile to a PDF - its not very intuitive.  If you go to "send a message" in a connection's profile and click on the drop down box, you'll see the option there. If the person is NOT a 1st level connection, then its in the drop down box next to "Send an Inmail".  WHAT!?!

Anyway, see below:

Saving a profile as a PDF

So there are some pros and cons to the new Profile URL - While I really wish LinkedIn had released this the day before rather than the day after my book went to print, I am happy to see the new changes.

How about you?  What do you think of LinkedIn's new cleaner look?

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