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By: Viveka Thursday May 17, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn Format

LinkedIn's New User Interface - Cleaner and Easier to Use

Editor's note:  No sooner did this post go up than it appears that LinkedIn has pulled the new UI!  If you still have access to the new UI (Which would look like the picture below) please let me know.  Thanks - Viveka

I was right in the middle of a webinar this afternoon when LinkedIn changed its user interface.  I like it.  Its very clean looking and seems to be inspired by the new iPad format.  Here's what you'll be getting:

1.  An Easier Photo Edit:  In case you were wondering how to upload your photo onto LinkedIn, the new user format makes it blatantly obvious with and giant blue "Edit Photo" hyperlink.

2. Name and Professional Headline:  You'll go to the same page to edit your Name and Professional Headline information, but its going to look a little different now.  You still get 120 characters in the Professional headline, but you might want to fiddle with the formatting so it aligns correctly.  Notice that your Industry has disappeared and your location is down under  Education.

3.  Experience:  Your current and past experience is now condensed to just your company name.  The titles have disappeared.  I think this looks much cleaner and if people want to see more of your profile, all they have to do is scroll down a little further.

4  Education:  Education is cleaner, showing just your school names.  Its no longer a bulleted list.

5.  Connections:  Your connections are now visible as a number on the bottom right of your profile.

6.  Websites:  The biggest change is your websites.  I think you can do a lot with this section now as it no longer says "websites" but instead lists your website by name.  Using the "Other" option becomes even more important!  Describe your website.  Put a call to action here.  Name your website.  Anything but "My website".

7. Contact:  While the options are the same, the contact button is smaller.  this might be confusing to new users as they don't know to go here to invite someone to connect, send an in mail, ask for an introduction, etc.

In conclusion - I really do like the new interface.  And thank you Linkedin for coming out with it BEFORE I released my new LinkedIn book!

Like Twitter's new interface when it first came out, LinkedIn's might be more confusing to the new user, as they have gone for the "less is more" feel.  But that will only make LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day more valuable :)

Well, I better get back to re-writing!

Let me know what you think of this new LinkedIn User Interface.



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