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By: Viveka Tuesday January 1, 2013 6 comments

15 LinkedIn Predictions from Portugal!

Rui Pedro CaramezI want to send a huge thank you out to LinkedIn buddy Rui Pedro Caramez of @LinkedPortugal who originally wrote these predictions in Portuguese, and then translated them for us so I could post them here.  I like his predictions even more than mine! (

My comments are in dark blue...

Linkedin Profile

1. The ability to choose at least 2 industries on the profile. In several training programs held over the year, this was on of the problems pointed out. More concerns to job seekers. Pedro is right on with this.  Also, I sure would like an "other" option.  While industries is getting better, its certainly not comprehensive!  In the meantime, you can always list a different industry for each experience section.

2. The ability to separate actual and past positions in full time, part.time and freelance. This would help the analysis of a LinkedIn profile. This seems like a no-brainer.  Also - would love to be able to shift past positions around too.

3. Recommendations – the ability to have a specific link for the written recommendations to add to a blog or website  (Tip:  Except for the ability to customize your public profile URL, and the automatic customization of company URLs, LinkedIn is stingy with its ability to create unique URLS.  

4.  Skills – Hoping Linkedin would add world and national rankings about each skill according to the number of endorsements by each user, most relevant users, dominance of the skill in the country/ world.  What a great idea - especially considering the fact that most members of LinkedIn live OUTSIDE of the US.

5. Status Updates – nowadays, our Linkedin network is global. It would be fantastic if  LinkedIn would allow us to post an update according to several filters (tag, language, industry and geography) I mean - you can do it with targeted Company Updates, why not on our personal updates?

6. Tagging Linkedin users. Twitter and Facebook have this feature already.  I think what Pedro means is having something like the @ sign in twitter, the Capital letter identification in Facebook and the + on Google - but we can tag our connections - just go to Connections, Tags, Manage and create all the tags you want up to 200)   - How to do this here.


7. Address book – the possibility to use more than 1 filter to search our network.  Or a CRM

8. When we export connections from Linkedin, it would be nice to add the city and country of each user to segment our network a lot better.  Agreed - hoping that the integration of will help us do that!

9. Invites – when we accept invitations, the users could have the possilbity of adding the new contacts to a tag immediately. You can!  See link above.


10. Chats or Instant Messaging  – Linkedin must integrate better ways of communication among users.  Yes yes yes - would love to host the #LinkedInChat on LinkedIn!


11. Enhancing the home page of a Linkedin group. Nowadays, groups have so many discussions everyday. A lot of these discussions are lost and quickly disappear from sight. A better discussion navigation system would help, separating a specific Linkedin today in the group (tailored br the group owner), from the most revelant discussions.  Apparently something like this is on the way.  Fingers crossed!


12. World Marketplace - Linkedin should create a marketplace where companies could sell or buy their products and services. It would be awesome to have several marketplaces according to industries.  Yes!  When I made my prediction for the Social Media Examiner I was very aware of the fact that LinkedIn has no kind of social commerce site yet like Twitter and Facebook do!

13. Company Profile Organizer. Linkedin has upgraded the company's page and reinforced its users to follow them. It would be great to organize and manage companies according to several interests in different folders. Great feature for marketeers and job seekers.  Yes - I love the targeted updates and the ability to create unique service pages for different industries - but there is so much more we could do with followers.

14. New company page analytics.  Linkedin should add a new analysis for the company page performance. One of them could be a similar element as the personal linkedin profile, remembering the page manager to add new features to ensure maximum performance.  Yes!  More and better statistics please!

15. New events apllication. After thie removal of the linkedin events application, everyone is expecting a new feature. Look at to give us some ideas on a good concept.   Boo - what was LinkedIn thinking getting rid of Events???

Pedro Caramez (from Portugal, South Europe) is the most enthusiastic Linkedin specialist for portuguese speaking countries. In 2009, he published a sold out book about Linkedin and he is writing an upcoming book about Linkedin due to be on sale on February 2013.

Speaker, trainer and consultant on several projects associated with Linkedin & social media in Portugal and Brazil. In 2012,  he has conducted more than 50 workshops, courses and conferences with more than 1.500 attended participants. Invited lecturer in several postgraduate programmes about Digital Marketing & Social Media in Portugal.

Since 2010, he co-hosts Social Media Day Portugal - the biggest event dedicated to Social Media in Portugal.

Visit his Linkedin and twitter Profile - //

Well those are Pedro's predictions and my thoughts.  What are your thoughts about LinkedIn in 2013?

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Viveka, I apologize for being a bit late to the party, but...Dr. Levy, I TOTALLY agree! When, oh when, will they fix this? Shouldn't those of us who have spent the time to build large, valuable networks take priority? It was the same problem with the network graph they came out with last year (Where did that idea go?!) Remember when we could visualize our networks by a series of dots? Of course, you and I couldn't...only members with less than 500 connections. Shout out to my buddy, Ed Han...great to see you!

- Victoria Ipri

I like this list although I disagree about item 3: LI has always seemed to move against the "more is better" philosophy, from its LION-agnostic stance to refusing to rank recommendations. Indeed, ranking based upon number of [profile element] seems to go against the ethos that LI traditionally seems to engender. But very interesting reading all the same. Thanks, Viveka! @ed_han

- Ed Han

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LinkedIn is having issues with providing access to invitations as well as exporting contacts for members with large number of contacts. They continue to say they are aware of the problems and working on them- but nothing is being resolved after many months. Perhaps LI should make the current infrastructure work correctly for all members rather than trying to add more complexity .

- Steven Levy MD

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