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LinkedInChat and the Social Media Facebook Chat: YOU be the LinkedInExpert

By: Viveka Monday July 4, 2011 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Advice, Andrea Vahl, @SMExaminer, @AndreaVahl

Social Media Examiner Chat: On Friday July 1 st , Andrea Vahl of the Social Media Examine r asked me to do a stint as their “ LinkedIn Expert ” on their now famous Facebook Chat.  (If you have not yet attended one of these – I highly recommend them!  They take place every Friday at 1 PM EST.) Since not all my LinkedIn Expert s out there – I decided to bring the questions to the   #LinkedInCha t so that YOU all could answer. So on Tuesday July 5 th , Tuesday July 12 th and Tuesday July 19th - I will be posting the same questions for YOU to answer that  I answered on on Friday.  And for those reading this blog who don’t do Tweetchats and just want a transcript – I have the questions and answers posted below. Tweetchat: ... Read More

Double Header – LinkedIn on #LinkedInChat and #SMManners tonight!

By: Viveka Tuesday June 28, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Advice, #LinkedInChat, #SMManners, @DabneyPorte

#LinkedInChat So I’m doing double duty tonight – hosting my #LinkedInChat and then as a guest on #SMManners. Where to tune in? We are taking #LinkedInChat back to until we get the bugs worked out at Stanzr – and I am still open to any information on a good tweetchat transcription tool that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg or take several hours to repair J Tonight we’ll be talking about the different ways and strategies of finding, connecting and building relationships with people on LinkedIn. If you want homework – the questions will be: Q1.  How many connections do you have and what is the size of your network? Q2.  Do you have any difficulty finding and connecting/ communicating with to the people you need... Read More

Do you think LinkedIn is at all useful to the B2C Market?

By: Viveka Tuesday June 14, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Advice, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Chat, LinkedIn help, LinkChat

#LinkedInChat now on Stanzr and Twitter This week we’ll be trying to do #LinkedInChat. You can join us at 5 PM PST, 8 PM EST on or This week’s questions are: Q1. Are you a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) business? Q2. As a B2B, do you also connect to people as a consumer? Q3. As a B2C, are you connecting with individuals to help you with your business or buy your product – or both? Q4. As a B2B or B2C - are you finding the right clients on LinkedIn? Q5. What kind of B2C products “work” on LinkedIn? Q6. What kind of B2C products “don’t work” on LinkedIn? Q7. s there ever a time when you can use LinkedIn as a platform to sell your consumer... Read More

Social Media Manners

By: Viveka Saturday April 9, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, Tweetchat, Viveka von Rosen, #SMManners, @DabneyPorte

Join us on the #SMManners chat Tuesday night! Every Tuesday night at 10 PM EST @DabneyPorte hosts the #SMManners chat.   What is it about?  Well – manners – tips – best practices on social media.  Dabney asked me to be a guest on her chat (mine’s at 8 PM EST #LinkedInChat) and I said yes right away!  The amazing thing about 140 characters is that you can really get to know – and like a person – without ever meeting them. And Dabney’s on of my favorite diva’s! So join us!  I like using and the hashtag with be #SMManners - but you can use whichever service you prefer. But wait, you ask.  What will you be talking about?  Well LinkedIn of course!  The red-headed step child of social media.  (Hey – Prince Harry is a red head... Read More

Please Join Michele Price and Me on Women In Business Radio

By: Viveka Sunday February 27, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Secrets, LinkedIn and TOMA, LinkedIn to Business, LinkedIn Success, Michele Price, Breakthrough Radio

Women In Biz Radio w/ Michele Price Woot!  I’m thrilled to be a guest on Michele Price ‘s  Women In Business Radio to discuss LinkedIn and how you can use it effectively in your B2B business. Michele has had some amazing speakers on her Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio show.  Her popular weekly broadcast has featured famous business authors such as Neal Schaffer,   Tony Hsieh of Zappos , author of “Flip the Funnel” Joseph Jaffe , and author of “UnMarketing” Scott Stratten .  The broadcast gives listeners the chance to ask the experts questions in advance as well as tweet them out during the live broadcast. Michele herself is no newbie to social media and is a peer who has amassed a lot of success in both speaking as well as consulting not only on... Read More

The LinkedIn Profile Audit Contest – and a Shameless Plug for my Free LinkedIn Webinar on July 28th

By: Viveka Thursday July 22, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, Social Media, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Training, Profile Audit

So first of all, let me shamelessly plug a free LinkedIn webinar I have coming up on July 28 th ! The amazing folks at MLT Creative are offering this webinar AND free eBook to all who sign up. So after this video, JUMP TO THE SIGN UP PAGE and give us your digits! By the way, even if you cant make the actual webinar, they will still send the recording and eBook to you at no charge. Its REALLY good stuff (if I do say so myself!) Now I havent started my crazy promotional sweepstakes yet for my Weekly LinkedIn Profile Audit contest so those of you seeing this, you have a leg up! Every week Ill be choosing one person to highlight. Not only will you get a free audit ($250 value) but youll have your business advertised to the thousands of people who read my blog! And... Read More

Newest LinkedIn Statistic: LinkedIn and Twitter in a Neck to Neck Race!

By: Viveka Thursday October 15, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Stats

Here are the facts from this mornings LinkedIn Blog ! LinkedIn now has 50 million users worldwide and are growing roughly one new member per second. According to the blog, when LinkedIn launched in 2003, it took 477 days to reach their first million members. This last million took only 12 days. Almost half of LinkedIns total membership is international. The Blog tells us LinkedIn has 11 million users in Europe alone. India is currently the fastest-growing country - 3 million users. And for those of you in the Netherlands you have the highest rate of adoption per capita outside the U.S., at 30%. Well Twitter at 47 Million its time to catch up! ... Read More

The Good the Bad and the Stalker-y on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday August 17, 2009 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, Social Media, Add new tag

OK - you just read me complain about the fact that LinkedIn has taken away your ability to send a customized invite to an individual. That still sticks in my craw. ( The Bad ) But I do like LinkedIn's attempts to make themselves a more sociable site. For instance, on the home page you can now get ALL kinds of information about your connections. (Of course - this is much more useful to someone who has a small and strategic network). So this is a good thing. Especially if you like facebook. You can see things like your connections': Latest tweet Latest update, Latest groups they joined People they connected to As well as what people think about them! Wait a second - that's a little stalker-y if you ask me! ... Read More

Social Media Strategist and LinkedIn Expert shares tips on growing a network

By: Viveka Monday May 18, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, Social Media, Add new tag, LinkedIn Expert, Miami Herald, LION

By BRIDGET CAREY AND NIALA BOODHOO [email protected] Viveka von Rosen considers herself a promiscuous LinkedIn Networker: She always says yes. The LinkedIn strategist is what's called a LION, which stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. Out of her 5,500 (now 7000+) connections on LinkedIn , she estimates she personally knows only about 10 percent of them. She runs the site m and is chief social media officer at Integrated Alliances in Colorado. We came across von Rosen and the term LION last month when we saw her promote a chat for social media enthusiasts on Twitter. But connecting with thousands of people you don't know seems like it's against everything we stand for in this column. By being a LION,... Read More

LinkedIn Connections Beta Mode: Answered Prayer

By: Viveka Friday April 17, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Networking, LinkedInExpert

Ask prolific users of LinkedIn the one thing they wished it could do, and they are likely to tell you: "I'd love a quick way to view and organize my connections so that I can more easily select who I send messages, profiles, and events to." Well guess what - though not available to everyone YET (I had to use my friend Rose's Profile as I don't have access to Connections Beta due - I think - to the number of connections I have) LinkedIn has come up with a solution: Connections Beta Mode Used to be you could only sort by industry or city, but now you can classify and tag your connections however you want. You can classify your folks with tags LinkedIn has set up, or with tags you create. (This is going to take and then save me literally hundreds of hours!) LinkedIn as... Read More