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Selling is a SNAP on LinkedIn with Jill Konrath

By: Viveka Friday November 30, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Strategies, Jill Konrath, SNAP Selling, LinkedIn for Sales

SNAP Selling Strategies on LinkedIn I don’t know about you, but as I approach a new year I am becoming more and more aware of the things I need to put into place in order for my next year to be more proactive, more focused and more successful!  No more of this “business by reaction” thing I’ve had going on this year.  I am going to get organized, get systemized and get busy! The problem is I’m already crazy busy. I know I need to be more focused on sales, selling my own services, selling my book, selling my products, but I’m just too busy.  Plus I hate selling. And that’s where Jill Konrath comes in. Jill is a freaking genius.  I’m not kidding.   She just “gets” sales.  Her book SNAP Selling is my sales bible.  When... Read More

Growing and Maintaining a Strong Group on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Tuesday October 30, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, #LinkedInChat

Own a LinkedIn Group? Remember These Four Things... LinkedIn groups have kinda gotten a bad rap lately because - well - they are kinda full of spammers and crap. BUT, LinkedIn groups can also be one of the best places to meet and engage with like-minded others. In fact, LinkedIn Groups are one of the few places on LinkedIn that you can easily engage with other members who are not your first level connections. SO make YOUR LinkedIn group one worth visiting and joining. Here's how: MODERATE: Make sure you are in your LinkedIn Group every day: Kicking out the spammers Instigating conversation Thanking the new members for joining.You might even ask them each a question to "introduce" them to the group and help them feel... Read More

Mitch Joel is in da house! (Well, the #LinkedInChat anyway!)

By: Viveka Thursday October 4, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, Mitch Joel, Branding

What are you doing Tuesday (Oct 9th) at 8 PM ET? I'll be hanging out with the one and only Mitch Joel on the #LinkedInChat! I can't quite believe it, but we have Mitch Joel to ourselves for a whole hour next Tuesday night on the #LinkedInChat. Now while I would really like to dominate his time, I guess it's only fair that I share him with the rest of you. So use the tool below the list/add whatever questions you have for Joel and I will ask them live on the chat. Of course you should join the chat to for this amazing opportunity to interact with one of the true thought leaders of our time! ( So- if you want to ask a question, you need to list it below. In order to do that, all you have to do... Read More

Q&A: Should Professional Speakers Use LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Thursday September 6, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat

QA from the September 4th #LinkedInChat Q1: Is there a place for Professional Speakers on LinkedIn? Absolutely!  Every speaker’s profile that I have worked on has attracted gigs for my clients. LinkedIn is FULL of people who need speakers and might not know to look at bureaus – so be where they are! Almost every gig I have won has come through LinkedIn in some way (but then I am a LinkedIn speaker!) Q2: Why aren’t speakers getting more booking through LinkedIn? Either they aren’t on LinkedIn, their profiles are marginal or their networks are too small. An incomplete or barely there profile won’t hold the attention of a prospect. Use the tools provided to attract, hold and convert a casual browser into someone who will hire you to speak. ... Read More

Are You a Professional Speaker Using LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Tuesday September 4, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, #WSACHat, #Speakerchat

12 Ways to Spice Up Your Speaker’s Profile on LinkedIn I recently wrote a basic post on spicing up your profile for business people of all kinds, but since I am heavily involved in the Women Speakers Association  (and a speaker myself) I thought I'd revamp it.  Also - LinkedIn has made changes even since I wrote my last article, and those will be reflected below as well. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn for a while – then its time to check it out.  Amongst other things, LinkedIn has really changed its User Interface and that has changed the way your profile looks. No more excuses.  Sign on to LinkedIn and make these changes today! 1.  Treat your LinkedIn profile like a website: Before you even get started, make sure your existing profile is free of spelling... Read More

Hookflash. Work. Life. Simplified

By: Viveka Monday July 30, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Biz Dev

If Skype and LinkedIn had a secret affair, the result might be hookflash! I recently met Trent Johnsen on one of our #LinkedInChat sand discovered he was the co-founder of hookflash . Hookflash is a really cool iPad app (and business tool) that allows you to make calls and meet your LinkedIn connections face to face (well, over your iPad 2 or 3.) I always say that LinkedIn is just the first step in building relationships, and hookflash takes you to that next needed level of real-time f2f interaction! OK right now it is only available for the iPad, but I am sure other tablets and smart devices are coming soon. According to a recent hook flash blog article, the iPhone is on the way, and then there will be a browser-based version for everyone. ... Read More

What is a CRM and why do I need one on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Monday June 25, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn CRM, Social CRM, Partrick F Dorsey

Content Relationship Management and LinkedIn You might have heard the term, or might even be using a CRM in your marketing and sales efforts.  If not, you should be!  According to Wikipedia, “ Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers , clients, and sales prospects.”  When using social media, and in particular LinkedIn, we have the ability to download some contact information about connections (1 st level contacts).  LinkedIn doesn’t really have a useful CRM within its UI (user interface) so its you might consider utilizing third party apps like Avectra’s Social CRM. Wikipedia continues, “It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business... Read More

12 Ways to Use LinkedIn When You Travel

By: Viveka Monday June 18, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, #LinkedInChat, Linked Into Business, LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn and Travel, Nick Smoot

How to Turn Your URL LinkedIn Experience into a IRL (in real life) F2F meeting I love social networking – but the truth is, most of my business comes when I meet someone face-to-face  (f2f) or they see me speak.  Having just returned from a speaking tour – let me share some of these tips with you. 1.  Use the l ocation (postal code) search in the Advanced Search to find people in your network that you know (but might have forgotten you knew) in the cities you are traveling to.  This is especially true of big networks like mine – but I also find this strategy useful for smaller strategic networks as well. I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t have the brain capacity to remember my entire network, much less where they live. I just... Read More

LinkedIn Groups - How to Encourage, Entice and Engage!

By: Viveka Tuesday April 24, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Strategies

The most complete guide you can get for LinkedIn groups without buying my book! Its Tuesday again so time for another blog and #LinkedInChat. This week we are going to look more closely as groups. How to use them to Encourage, Entice and Engage with other LinkedIn members. My first challenge today is to take my 40 page chapter on Groups and refine it into a few highlights you can use to really explode your group experience! Group engagement is one of the best ways I know up to start building strategic relationships. The nice thing about a group is that even if you are not connected with another member, you can still send the messages to that member. And because you share a group, you already share an interest! This is why it is important to join not only industry and... Read More

The Future of LinkedIn: 8 Possible Directions

By: Viveka Tuesday January 31, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn Connections, Future of LinkedIn, LinkedIn CRM, Jeff Weiner, CardMunch, Linked InMaps

Where Do You See LinkedIn Going? 1. Connect-ability Where do I see LinkedIn going? Beyond the inevitability of yearly facelifts (one of the reasons I really appreciate LinkedIn is that its designers dont feel the need to change its look and function-ability every few months) I am hopeful that LinkedIn will focus on making valid connectibility between its members easier and more effective. Right now the only way to send messages is directly to a first level connection, through groups, updates and paid InMails. I believe this greatly inhibits peoples ability to connect and do business. I understand LinkedIn is protecting against the incredible spammy nature of communications that has infiltrated most social media sites but it also greatly limits peoples ability to... Read More