Where in the World – Are You?

By: Viveka Tuesday July 19, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Locations, Help on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Location Have you checked out your “Experience” section on LinkedIn lately? They have a new field for “Location” and its completely user-generate d.  So while I recommend you put the locations you work: “ Fort Collins, Front Range, Greater Denver Area ” you can also put “ In computers everywhere! ” I think for those of you who have Brick and Mortar businesses or work with a strong local audience, this section might help with your find-ability .  Since LinkedIn only allows you to pop in one zip code in the Headline section , this will allow those of you who have a greater travel circumference to reach more people. It will also be useful for people who work for companies that might be based in Boston, but you work... Read More