Guy Kawasaki Nails it Again! Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn

By: Viveka Wednesday April 14, 2010 comments Tags: Guy Kawasaki, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn's Latest Blog post has some great tips from social media uberkind Guy Kawasaki. You can read the original here : I'll be doing a teleseminar on Thursday April 15th at 3:00 MST going into a little more depth about these and other LinkedIn strategies for small business owners. To sign up go to or contact @CertifiedSM on Twitter! Here's what Guy has to say: Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn Posted: 12 Apr 2010 07:02 AM PDT Ed. note : This is a guest post from Guy Kawasaki , co-founder at AllTop, syndicated from his web column on American Express OPEN Forum blog. Feel free to leave a comment, share a favorite small business tip or ask Guy a question in the comments section. When I first blogged about ten... Read More

More Twitter Tips for Newbie's

By: Viveka Tuesday November 11, 2008 comments Tags: Social Media, Twitter, Guy Kawasaki, LinkedIn

I just love Guy Kawasaki, Check out his latest blog with more useful Twitter tips! Tip 1: Follow the smores (social media whores*). They are the folks with large number of followers and seem to be the opinion leaders (and perhaps even heros) of Twitter. You can get a good idea of who they are by viewing Twitterati.alltop , TwitterCounter , and Egos.alltop . There are three reasons to follow them: first, many have scripts that will auto follow you; second, you might learn something from watching what they tweet about; third, when people look at your profile to see who you follow, you want to appear that you have a clue. (*originally coined by @worleygirl who passed it to @pauladrum... Read More