What to do when you really do sell real estate in Nigeria... OR

By: Viveka Sunday September 23, 2012 comments Tags: Ife, Ifemezue, LinkedIn and Nigeria

How to Authentically Position Yourself on LinkedIn. I recently had a man contact me about helping him with his LinkedIn profile. I was wary at first because he sells real estate in Nigeria. Yup, I kid you not! It's not that I doubted that he was a legitimate businessman (OK maybe I did at first), it's just that I knew he had some uphill battles to fight. I've already worked with some MLM and direct sales people, and I thought that was a challenge! But the stigma of multi-level marketing is nothing compared to running a legitimate business in a country that has almost become the poster child for spam and scams. I mean, how many times have you received that email from someone who wants your Social Security number in exchange for millions of dollars in a bank account overseas? ... Read More