One LinkedIn Members Extremely Thoughtful Response to the New Groups Format

By: Viveka Thursday August 29, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, New LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Group Owner, changes to groups, Viveka von Rosen, Steve Spenser, new Group UI

I recently posted an article on the new LinkedIn Group format ( ). I personally like the new look, and being comfortable with the platform, didnt think too much beyond that. I played around in it for awhile and then posted what I liked and was concerned about. And then I posted it in one of my groups. Well I was blown away by Steve Spensers response! ( ). Steve is a "Web-site usability expert and principal of Praxis Communication. I asked if he would let me share them with you and he said yes. While The following opinions are not necessarily my own I think Stevens reply was so considerate you should see read it too. What I like is that Steven is... Read More