Prospecting on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Tuesday October 8, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Prospecting, Prospecting on Linke, Prospecting Definiti, How to prospect on L

LinkedIn Prospecting : Defined! We talk about lead generation and prospecting - but do they actually mean? I thought I might put together a definition of LinkedIn prospecting and what it means to me. Let me know what you would change or add in comments below! IMHO To me, a prospect is someone who you find - or attract - in a company, business, industry or organization that has a need for your product or service and the desire and ability to purchase it. Do Your Research! Lets take a closer look at that definition Its easy enough to say your prospect must have a need but lets go a step further! You must know your target market and their frustrations, desired, and/or needs. That means you must do your research! There are many different ways... Read More