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LinkedIn Skills - Is It Worth Your Time? (Revised)

By: Viveka Thursday March 17, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Advice, LinkedIn Skills, Mashable, Bridget Carey, Linked Into Business

LinkedIn Skills I was recently interviewed by both Mashable and the Miami Herald about LinkedIn Skills.  Here's my thoughts on the whole thing. Skills is a double-edged sword for me.   I train people on how to optimize their profiles so they can be found on a LinkedIn search, and of course as more people realize that to get found on LinkedIn, all they need to do is optimize their profile more efficiently with keywords, the actual value of a traditional LinkedIn profile is decreased.  Many people are inputting experience formulated simply to get a higher result on the LinkedIn Search results thereby inaccurately displaying their real qualifications.  This is where I see the real strength of the skills, publications and certifications sections. You can of course fake all... Read More

LinkedIn Profile Video Audit for......... Victor Canada

By: Viveka Friday July 30, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Advice

Now most of us cringe when we hear the word audit. But its not necessarily a bad thing! The Free Dictionary defines "audit" as: audit( (dt) An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy. An adjustment or correction of accounts. An examined and verified account. v. audited , auditing , audits To examine, verify, or correct the financial accounts of: Independent accountants audit the company annually. The IRS audits questionable income tax returns. To attend (a course) without requesting or receiving academic credit. So while I am not looking at Victors financial records, I am going to examine, adjust, correct and verify and while he might not get... Read More


By: Viveka Friday July 9, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Advice, LinkedIn Training

Getting Social with Groups on LinkedIn Ive mentioned it before LinkedIn is finally getting to be more social. "Groups" are helping. There are several aspects of the new Groups section on LinkedIn that will look familiar - to Facebook users. Both the new update section and Groups now have the ability to like and comment. On Groups you can also pass (I guess unlike wasnt business-y enough) and the "more" section allows you to report something as unsuitable. I can only hope this will keep people from using groups as a sales letter emporium. Groups With Linking, the Discussion and News section have merged. I personally like this feature because I will often pop my latest blog into news, but now with this new feature, group members can actually discuss and comment on... Read More