Phishers Prey on a Sea of Unsuspecting Victims - Even on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday January 28, 2013 comments Tags: Phishing scams, spammers

Phishing in a shark tank

Here's a Phish you Don't Want Swimming in Your Contact Pool!

I've written a few posts about Phishing Scams and Spammers on LinkedIn - and this is a great reminder to be careful.  Even though LinkedIn does a decents job of monitoring its membership, there a plenty of sharks and other nefarious goofballs who have made their way onto LinkedIn.

Yeah, we expect those "Have you seen this awful picture of you: link" in Twitter DMs, but LinkedIn is a business netowrking site!  Surely we are safe here - NOT.

Lately I've been awash in scammy InMails - and they must be workign on someone, because people are spending a lot of time and effort sending these out.

Spammy letter 1

Here's what you can do to report scammers and spammers:

    • Click on the name of the Spammer and when you get to their profile "Report as Inappropriate" if possible

    • If you don't get that option, you can always copy their Public Profile URL and report them to LinkedIn at [email protected]

    • Always report the InMail or message as spam.

Maybe, just maybe if enough of us do this, we can hold back the tide!

Here is a great Phishing infographic by James Jones of Bluefire PR - enjoy!


Phishing With Bait - Spam Threats in 2013

Phishing attacks infographic shared from


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