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By: Viveka Saturday February 26, 2011 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Tips, Anne Hadley, Chris Hughes

Why Social Media ROCKS!

So a few months ago this dude, Codrut Turcanu contacted me via LinkedIn.  He had found my (well optimized) profile and asked if I would do an interview for his eBook.  "What the heck?" I thought, "I do interviews all the time - what's one more?" So I answered his questions, went on with my life and didn't really think about it again.  And then a few more emails from Codrut started drifting my way, and I realized this was no simple interview.

Codrut (don't you just love saying his name?) had a very strategic plan in place.  You can read about it here: He really gets that social media is first about giving, and then about enticing!  Not only was he leveraging the knowledge of others  - as well as their networks, but he was truly providing valuable content not only to his readers, but all our tribes.

So please check out the free social media marketing and blogging eBook he created from my interview, and from the interviews of other greats like:

(Yeah - that's right - I'm in an eBook with Ann Handley and Chris Hughes - plus all those other awesome folks)

Anyway - read the eBook, check out Codrut, and check out the results of this social marketing strategy.  Start creating your own dynamic content and amp up your social reputation!

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