Sexy Social Media Secrets with Gina Schreck and Trey Pennington (and me)

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Every Tuesday night I have a #LinkedInChat on Twitter to share (in 140 character tweets) some of the strategies I employ to make LinkedIn more effective in my business.  Now imagine getting those bite-sized pieces in four comprehensive and cohesive webinars focusing not just on LinkedIn, but Twitter,  Facebook and blogging too! Best yet - these webinars are being taught by two of the most successful social media presences online today Gina Schreck of Synapse3Di and Trey Pennington, author of Spitball Marketing  (and me)!  So here it is: REAL answers to using Social Media strategically and practically.

We will be sharing actionable strategies - the strategies you need to avoid the social activities from consuming your time and more importantly, to convert your social contacts into paying customers and raving fans.

You’ve read that you must have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, be on LinkedIn, and  – oh yeah – create a blog.  You’ve done all that, but you don’t know if any of your efforts are working and all you see is your time flying out the window.  It’s time to learn the Sexy Social Media Secrets to apply to your social activities and drive these “Friends,” “Followers,” “Connections,” and “Tribe Members” to your products and services.

This FOUR-PART SERIES will give you the tools and tips you need to start making all of the activity WORK FOR YOU!  These are the secrets most people spend years trying to figure out.  You are ready to fast track and be let in on the Sexy Social Media Secrets to connect, engage, and CONVERT!

This fully online event runs from October 26 through November 16.  We have spread the sessions out for easy implementation (and recorded for playback later) to fit your busy schedule.

Three of the top social media experts have come together to share their Sexy Social Media Secrets with you.  In each session you will learn secrets to begin implementing immediately… practical and tactical!  This isn’t about theory…it’s about RESULTS!

Who shouldn’t sign up for this program: Sexy Social Media Secrets is not about connecting you to thousands of other spammers just to boost your numbers on these social sites.  Numbers might soothe the ego, but rarely result in sales. There are plenty of spammers and scammers in social networking who say they are experts but when you look at who they are connected with, 90% of them are what I call naked spammers!  If that is the audience you are going after this is NOT the program for you.

Who SHOULD sign up NOW: If you are looking for authentic connections with people you can build relationships with, engage in conversations and offer products and services to, THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!   These 4 POWER-PACKED sessions are RESULTS-FOCUSED, ACTION-ORIENTED and PROVEN!


Not quite sure? Attend a FREE overview session on Tues Oct 19 and hear more about this DYNAMIC SERIES!

Here’s a glimpse of a few of the Sexy Social Media Secrets you will get when you sign up today:

  1. Create an engagement and content strategy before you begin.

  2. Create engaging pages that showcase your business as well as your personality.

  3. Implement LinkedIn secrets to be found first in your niche

  4. Use the perfect blend of personal and professional content to engage without sickening, inform without boring.

  5. Host LIVE events on your social sites that create buzz and DOLLARS!!

  6. Critical steps to successful blogging

  7. The secret to finding hundreds of targeted buyers on Twitter (and it has nothing to do with directories)

Your SEXY SECRETS Speakers:

Gina Schreck doesn’t just talk about social media; she lives and breathes it.  Recognized as an industry leader in the world of social technology tools, she brings a practical approach to building and engaging your community…that WORKS!   She is the host of the popular web show Gettin’ Geeky where she shares practical tips and fun apps to help you build your business and manage your brand.  Her success in this field has not come from connecting with thousands of naked spammers.  Her success has come from the strategic application of the techniques she will teach you.  These secrets get her business…PAID BUSINESS!

Viveka von Rosen is the Linked Into Business, she is a successful entrepreneur, nationally renowned LinkedIn trainer and expert, and respected social media speaker. As an early adopter of social media, she learned through her own experience how to create powerful social presences and engaging networks that get you found and get you business! Host of the weekly #LinkedInChat on Twitter, and co-moderator of LinkedStrategies, the largest LinkedIn strategy group on LinkedIn, she is constantly learning, sharing and transferring social media skills and strategies to her tribe.  Learn the latest Sexy tricks to “Make social media work for you.”

Trey Pennington uses technology, marketing, and stories to connect businesses with the people they seek to serve. Trained in marketing and education (MBA, MS in Education), Trey understands the value of story. He helps companies discover and develop their core story.

Trey leverages social media to connect with audiences around the world. HubSpot ranks his Facebook profile as one of the most influential in the world. They also routinely rank his Twitter profile in the top 0.01% of all profiles ranked.


Not quite sure? Attend a FREE overview session on Tues Oct 19 and hear more about this DYNAMIC SERIES!

About the Author: Viveka

Viveka is author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”.
CEO of Linked Into Business, she also hosts the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter.  Forbes has listed her as a top social media influencer for three years running, and she has been cited in Ragan, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, Simple Living, Bloomberg, LinkedIn's Small Business Site and "The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn, The Miami Herald, Social Media Today and The Social Media Examiner!

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