The "New" LinkedIn Interface and What it Means to You.

By: Viveka Friday July 13, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn's new UI

Don't We All Look Thinner in Black? LinkedIn's "New" Look.

Update:  LinkedIn recently added the new Profile UI to the mix - here's a blog post on that:  This latest update is significantly more involved than the addition of a black menu bar!

Or:  Much Ado about Not Much at All.....

Here's what is new...

If Google got together with LinkedIn, that's what the new LinkedIn user interface would look like. Here I was all freaked out knowing that I was about to publish a book on LinkedIn and knowing that they were going to overhaul their user interface, but not sure what it would look like. Well here's what it looks like. Instead of a white menu bar with black writing, it's a black menu bar with blue and white writing on it.

I do like that no matter what part of the page you're on, the menubar kind of floats above it. So it's easy to move wherever you need to from any part of your LinkedIn page.  LinkedIn Today is a little bigger, a little cleaner.  But as far as I can tell, that's it.  I went into every menu tab and every link and I see nothing really new that LinkedIn hasn't already released - Like targeted Company page updates and the newer and better version of "People you may know."  (Ninja trick - click on the "See More" link under "People you may know" on you home page to avoid jumping through LinkedIn's "connecting" hoops.)

I was at least hoping that the profile page overhaul that LinkedIn mistakenly released a few months ago would be part of the new package - but - no....  I have to be honest with you, the fact that Twitter no longer feeds into LinkedIn has actually had a bigger impact on me then the new "sleeker" look.  Have I mentioned how much I love that Twitter no longer feeds into LinkedIn? Woohoo!

Anyway, you've all probably seen the TechCrunch article already. If not, here's the link: They mention that a LinkedIn spokesperson says, “We are always looking for ways to make it easier for LinkedIn members to get more value out of our services by creating simpler, more relevant experiences, so we are currently testing a new design for the LinkedIn homepage with a handful of members.”  So that's nice.  I guess its got a nice branded feel with the LinkedIn iPad and iPhone apps.  Speaking of - those new  mobile UIs are much more noteworthy in their new release and with their changes than the website version of LinkedIn!

But in case you're curious, I thought I'd throw a few screenshots in here as well.

So here is what LinkedIn's menu bar look like




Here is the menu bar "floating" on your home page....

Floating menu bar


Here's the bigger LinkedIn Today panel (that I don't like it as much as the old LinkedIn Today panel)

LinkedIn Today

And here is the new blue box that tells you how many updates you have.  Notice there are much less of then since Twitter got pulled.  Woohoo x 2!

Perhaps LinkedIn will continue to roll out new changes, like they have been doing with the Company profile targeted updates, and LinkedIn Today platforms. As they roll these out and as I get access to them, 'll be sure to keep you updated.   But quite frankly, this new user interface really isn't new at all. It's certainly nothing like the Facebook timeline and all the changes that Facebook makes every other minute. Which I guess is a good thing?

Anyway - wanted you to know as soon as I did.  So a very special thanks goes out to David Littauer who was kind enough to lend me his profile for this piece and for my book.

Do you know what you should really take away from this article?  Not the look of a platform - but what it does.  I was in (what I considered) desperate need of help from my network, and in less than an hour David Littauer responded to my request for help.  By a phone call I might add!  He not only trusted me with his profile, but it turns out - much more!  As with many things social media - I love that these platforms can encourage synchronicity and serendipity such as  David and I experienced today.  So not only did I get access to the new UI before my time, but its very possible David and I will be working together in the future.  That's what's really exciting to me today.  Not the "new" look.

So there you go!

Enjoy the new look - but more importantly - reach out to someone today.  Someone who can help you, or who you can help.  Be a mentor, or ask for coaching.  Be a customer, a vendor, and employee or a resource.  Just do something with your pretty new LinkedIn account today!


Here's a list of more resources thanks to @SteveCassady and last week's #LinkedInChat:


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