The Downside of LinkedIn Contacts

By: Crystal Rademacher Monday May 13, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn News, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Contacts, New on LinkedIn


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First let me state that I make huge fan of LinkedIn contacts. I highly recommend getting on the waiting list if you don't have it yet. That being said I have found  4 downsides to this new awesome feature.

The first is that the only alphabetical listing is by first name only. Where is the old contacts screen listed people by last name – which makes more sense to me. I am sure that this will soon be rectified. Since this came from the connected CRM system that alphabetically lists people by first name, I think it's just an oversight. I hope.

The second one is a little bit more concerning. Again I think it's just an oversight or a glitch in the system from connected and CardMunch.

You used to be able to tag your connections – which you still can – but you can no longer send a message to a text grouping of people. Unless I'm just not finding where to do it. When you click on the tax group, and click on select all, I'd assume there would be a message box. But right now it looks like you can only message people individually.

Of course the positive side to this new app is that you can message folks according to how you know them – via LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, or even Facebook.

Thirdly– if your LinkedIn network is too big – I'm assuming over 5K – the LinkedIn iPad contacts app doesn't work.

Finally, if your network is too big, and again I'm assuming the 5K first level connections Mark, the merge feature which is freaking awesome doesn't work. But this is only going to be a problem for super connectors.

Have you run into any other glitches yet? Let me know!


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