Treat Your LinkedIn Profile Like The Website It Is!

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Formatting Your LinkedIn Profile

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as least as professional in appearance as your website.  Is it formatted, clean, and free of spelling and grammatical errors?  I strongly suggest creating your LinkedIn profile first in a word document – not only so you can “catch” errors - but to get a better idea of what your profile will look like on the LinkedIn website.

Some sections of LinkedIn (“Current Experience Description”, “Summary” and “Contact Me” sections are the most visible) will allow you to “pull” in bullets and special characters.

In the product and services section of your LinkedIn Company profile you can now use bold and italics, but so far that is the only place.  (We’ll talk more about the great new features of the “Company Profile” in weeks to come.)

In your “Current Experience Description”, “Summary” and “Contact Me” sections I recommend CAPITALIZING WHAT YOU WANT THE EYE TO SEE.  Yes, I know its considered shouting, but when you are limited to formatting styles, you use what you have!







Another bonus, if you’ve already created your profile in a Word document, sections of it can easily be copied into other social media platforms to keep your branding unified.  I’m a big fan of re-purposing content!

Finally, its just good to have a copy of your profile in case LinkedIn does something weird like closes or bans your account. (Yes – I’ve had both happen).  Rather than throwing your hands of in the air and quitting LinkedIn forever, you’ll only have a few hours of work cutting and pasting to create a new account.  But don’t worry.  I’m going to tell you what to do – and what NOT to do in the coming weeks.

Steps to take RIGHT NOW:

  1. Open a Word doc

  2. Open LinkedIn

  3. Click on ‘Select All” and copy your whole profile

  4. Paste into the word doc

  5. Take a look at the sections of your profile that have formatting potential

  6. Format those sections

  7. Cut and paste those sections back into LinkedIn


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