What to do when you iPhone dies - or - the many blessings of social media

By: Viveka Tuesday June 15, 2010 comments Tags: iPhone, broken iPhone, Best Buy

The Many Blessings of Social Media

My iPhone just died.  I was listening to the latest Christina Aguilera and – blammo – nothing.  Let’s just say I didn’t shout out “Woohoo”.   I thought, “hmm – maybe a power surge?”  Plugged it back in – nope nothing.  I felt absolutely impotent.  EVERYTHING is on my phone – my life – my connections – MY SCHEDULE.  My iPhone IS my CSM.   Yes, of course I have it backed up in Outlook .  But, well, not EVERYTHING is backed up.  For whatever reason, Outlook doesn’t always grab all my contact info from my phone.  (Yes, I have it configured correctly) Did I mention I have a landline at my office, but not at home?

Anyway, I was freaking out.  Then I remembered - I have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!

    • I had a VERY important phone call today, and didn’t have the number.  So I jumped onto LinkedIn, and as I was directly connected to the person - bingo - phone number.

    • I had another phone meeting, and no phone number, so jumped onto Twitter and DM’d my clients with a temp number I set up.

    • I also let everyone know on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that I was unreachable by phone today, and to contact me via Social Media.

    • And of course there is Skype.

Impotent no more!  Thank you social media!

Next Blog?  Will the Best Buy warranty I bought on my 3 month old iPhone pay off?


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