6 Cool New Features on LinkedIn – Plus a Video Tour!

By: Viveka Tuesday November 13, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, New on LinkedIn, Using LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tools, New LinkedIn UI

Let's Take a Tour of the New LinkedIn Profile

Relating and Connecting Easier on the New LinkedIn Profile

I received an invitation today from Brandon Moase in Kelowna, British Columbia. Since I also lived on British Columbia and we both have Wheaten Terriers, I thought I would use his profile to show you all the cool new things on LinkedIn. (PS - if you want to experience the new profile first hand, see Brandon's profile and invite him to connect!)

For more details on the new user interface read this blog article: http://linkedintobusiness.com/the-new-new-new-linkedin-profile-revealed/

Video Tour of the "New" LinkedIn

Cool New Look

First of all the look is new, clean and image-centric. LinkedIn has added a lot of new images and logos to its own profile, and on top of that, has increased photo size for company and groups logos as well.  So while we can't add our own photos beyond our avatar (like we would in say – Facebook), LinkedIn is trying to get to that Facebook / Pinterest a look by adding images for the different sections of it's the interface, more photos of people on LinkedIn and bigger and more highlighted company and group logos. So if you haven't added your company profile and the logo to go with it, and if you haven't added your avatar photo yet, get on it!

You Might Want To Pay For It

With the paid account you get a lot more information, like what you have in common with an individual via skills and expertise and groups. So make sure you have all your skills and expertise listed, and make sure you join groups that are in your area of expertise, as well as your niche markets.

With the paid account you can also see how your connection’s network breaks down by company, location, industry and school.

You also get to see how your own profile breaks down by company, location, industry and school.  By pie graph!  So cool.

Who Do You Know?

When you're not yet connected to someone, LinkedIn will SHOW you who you know in common.  Literally show you their faces – not just give you their name like on the old profile. The visualization of who you have in common is much more powerful than it used to be. Now I can scroll over the pictures and names of people I share in common with the person who’s profile I am looking at and I can see a snapshot of that person's profile, or send them a message really quickly.  Even download their vCard. I love that new feature!

Get Active

LinkedIn's new user interface really does focus on activity. So get active. You even have the option to suggest an update to a connection, and get them more active.  Social Media is about active engagement.  Even if you are only sharing one post a day!

Get Introduced

I discovered that you can in fact search your connection’s connections by keyword, which is super cool. You will only get first level results (shared connections) on the home page, but all you have to do is click on the advanced search link to see second, third and group members.

Like-Minded Others

When you're not yet connected to someone, you can also see on their profile other people that LinkedIn thinks are similar to them.  A great way to grow your network of like-minded others (or key niche clients).

So to Reiterate

Take the time to explore people you have in common, interests you have in common, and the new connections search field. It’s such a super powerful and awesome way to connect and engage with your network. No more cold calls! Now you can see shared interests and have something to talk about immediately.  And it's probably worth having even the most basic paid account to get the most out of the new user interface. By the way, I'm not a LinkedIn affiliate. There is no such thing! I just found it much more useful in the past and certainly now with the new features – LinkedIn is worth the investment.

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