7 Social Media Hacks from the Best Minds in Social Media at #ChicagoSocial16

Tuesday June 28, 2016 comments Tags: Chicago Social 2016, Viveka von Rosen, Social Media Hacks

In case you weren’t aware, Thursday June 30th is Social Media Day and Chicago is having an inaugural conference in celebration of all things social media - Chicago Social 2016. The conference will have a collection of seven of the leading voices in social media today to share their knowledge on how to build an online community leveraging the power of social platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube.


These seven speakers have each provided their best hack to use social media to its utmost potential, and without further ado, here are Chicago Social’s Top 7 Social Hacks:


  1. Don’t be afraid to promote your live stream across platforms. Telling all of your social networks that a live steam about to start (or is in progress) is NEVER a bad idea. Those using mobile simply have to switch apps. For example, you can leverage the real-time nature of Twitter by using trending hashtags to get even further with your message - Vincenzo Landino (com)


  1. Those who leave you great reviews love you the most. Be sure that you are connected with them on social platforms and let them use their audiences to build your brand through social media; if they took the time to write a positive review they must feel strongly for your brand – Jason Baumann (com)


  1. The power of cross-pollinating from one social platform to another can help amplify your message & brand, build a strong community that trusts you, and ultimately leads to more leads & success – Sue B. Zimmerman (com)


  1. You need BARE Necessities of Digital Marketing – Rich Brooks (com)
    1. Build: Build a platform designed for conversion
    2. Attract: Use search, social, and digital ads to drive traffic
    3. Retain: Stay in touch after they’ve left your site with email marketing, social connections, and retargeting
    4. Evaluate: Use Google Analytics and other reports to continually improve your results


  1. One of the most important things you can do on LinkedIn is learn how to manage and communicate effectively with your connections. It is recommended to tag your connections as to who they are to you, such as “Top Prospect” or “PR Opportunity.” You can tag your connection on their profile under Relationship or with the Connections link under My Network. They won’t see what you tag them as, so go ahead and name them in a way that makes sense to you – Viveka von Rosen (com)


  1. A lot of people in social media talk about community, but it’s important to break it down and talk about diversity, inclusion, humanity & philosophy, and how that applies to the mechanics and under-utilized features of each platform - Amy Guth (com)


  1. Think about all you’ve done for your brand through social media. Now think of how you can repurpose that and create new content from something you’ve already done because it will focus more on your thought leadership and why people should trust you in this area. This gives a human, personal edge to your brand that will stick out to potential clients – Amy Schmittauer (com)


There you have it - 7 tips that can change your social media strategy.  But there are so many more that you will learn at Chicago Social. If you can be there in Chicago on Thursday, June 30th, get your tickets at www.ChicagoSocialCon.com and use the promo code JUNE50 to save $50. If you can't, use the same promo code to get your digital pass for only $27! Just think - it's one week of coffee or content that will propel your business to the next level online!

If you prefer this content as a video, check out Amy Schmittauer's YouTube video below!