9 Reasons Business People Think LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Are a Good Idea

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It has long been said that to succeed in anything business, sales, marketing, football you first must uncover where the people are and find a way to be there first so they find you.

Well, that may not apply to football exactly, as there you are attempting to find where the people aren’t.  However, it all comes down to the people equation to achieve success.  Which is exactly why LinkedIn marketing strategies have become a good idea.  Let’s look at 9 clear cut reasons as to why you too should be using LinkedIn

  1. Business Community

My guess is that you are in business to increase your profit in some way.  Be it through sales or connecting right people together (which requires sales) or what have you.  With the power of the Web you could do this with a FB fan page, YouTube video, Twitter tweet or LinkedIn integration.

While all are recommended, the advantage that LinkedIn holds above all other strategies is in the people involved.  Their business people, thinking about business matters that are prepared to make the right business decisions for them.

Be where the fish are biting and your chances of success increase substantially.

  1. Established Reputation

While I certainly would hope that you have an established reputation that is extremely positive within your niche offerings, that is not exactly what we are speaking of here.  Instead let’s think about LinkedIn’s reputation and where that is at.

Do business people know, like and use the LinkedIn platform for business related matters?

Of course, they do.  This is precisely why you should be doing the same for the success of your own business initiatives. 

  1. Thought Leadership

Let’s talk about those other business people on LinkedIn for a moment.  Do you think there are groups within LinkedIn of like-minded people? 

Your right.

What do you think happens when you put a group of business people with like-minded ideas together in the same room and lock the door?

Well, they create ways to unlock that self-same door which lead to new innovative concepts that previously didn’t exist.  How do you think this type of mental synergy is going to affect your own success in business if you happen to be one of the people in that room?

  1. Influencer Marketing

So now we have this group of business thought leaders mingling together.  What do you think they will be talking about?

How about business?

Seems logical.

How about what you do in your business?

Natural progression in motion.

Once they know, like and trust you and what you offer; what do you think the possibility would be for them to recommend your product or service to the right person and the right time?

This isn’t rocket science and it is a great way to create leads.

  1. Lead Generation

However, it isn’t the only way that leads are built from the power of LinkedIn.  For example, using the power of status updates anyone (including you) can share new articles, images or videos you have written as well as a host of other things.

What do you think happens when those who are following you receive consistent updates that they relate to within their own business endeavors? 

Yup, your right, we are back to the know, like and trust equation that leads to increased exposure for you and your business endeavors with the result of, you guessed it, more leads.

  1. Building Traffic

Before the Internet, it was all about being in the right spot at the right time.  If your brick and mortar business was at the end of “no one goes down that street,” then your chances of success were very limited.  You needed traffic.

Guess what, nothing has changed.

The entire equation continues to revolve around traffic.  If you don’t have it, you lose.  That’s where you want your online presence to be found everywhere.  That certainly includes LinkedIn when it comes to business.

  1. Product Launches

Let’s put this puzzle together a bit more.

You actively participate in likeminded groups which can lead to both sales and influence.

You share high quality content that people finding of great interest for their own interests.

Thus, you build your own community of followers within LinkedIn.

Now let’s say you are ready to bring a new product to market.  What do you think this influence within the business community will do for you and your success with the launch?

If everything is nurtured correctly that answer should be a tremendously positive one that is full of momentum which happens to be the very thing you need in-order to capitalize on the success of what your bringing to the marketplace.

  1. Recruiting New Hires

Of course, there is a problem with LinkedIn.  You see, if you correctly follow steps 1 through 7 consistently you will find product and/or service sales increasing.

Trusting that you too only have 24 hours in a day a new difficulty soon arises.  Simply put, you need to find people that would like to work with you.

Why not use the community you have already established yourself within to find those new recruits?  Do you think they are going to lead you to bad choices?  What happens to their influence in your world if they do?

Instead they open your access to the best of the best per what they understand of your needs and quickly you find yourself securing the right talent at the right time to keep your operations moving forward successfully.

  1. Brand Awareness

If you haven’t already seen it, all the synergy listed above amounts to one extremely powerful ingredient that has become known as brand awareness.  Through constant exposure, continual interaction and positive influence your brand, no matter how new to market it might be, builds the awareness you need in-order to take all your operations to the next level and beyond.

Have you had good experience using LinkedIn to build your own brand? 

Do you have questions as to best strategies for building your brand with LinkedIn?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.  We love hearing good news and enjoy helping people tap into the full potential of what is available in LinkedIn.  It is simply a good idea.

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