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By: Viveka Wednesday April 29, 2015 comments Tags: Dasheroo, John Hingley, Social Dashboard, Social Metrics, Social Analytics, Viveka von Rosen

In any given week I get about 10 email requests from people who want to show me their new app. Sometimes I respond, sometimes they go to spam. Can I just say that I am ever so glad that I responded to John Hingley (@therealhingley ) of Dasheroo (@GetDasheroo)


Dasheroo is a social dashboard, that pulls your Insights (metrics / analytics) from a variety of different social and digital platforms. I was particularly interested because I am always getting requests from people on where to find the best LinkedIn insights. Previously, unless you had a hefty marketing budget, there wasn't really a good LinkedIn metrics dashboard available.


Thanks to Sue Zimmerman (@TheInstagramExpert), I am also now getting more involved in Instagram. Which also has great analytics – if you can find them.


Facebook and Twitter have always had great insights and analytics, but to get access to everything in one place means having dozens of tabs open on your browser at any given time. Or using one or several third-party apps.


Dasheroo simplifies all of this! This amazingly easy to use dashboard allows you to pull insights from many of your favorite social platforms – as well as apps and SAAS services like Survey Monkey, Salesforce, MailChimp, YouTube, Google Analytics, RSS feeds and more. And every day they are adding more and more apps. 


Also, the UI (user interface) is crazy easy to use.  When I look at an app, if I can figure it our in about 5 minutes, I’ll end up using it (Nimble, OKtopost, eGrabber).  Any more than that and it will probably get relegated to the dusty corner of my desktop never to be opened again.  Dasheroo did not disappoint.  In about 20 seconds I was up and running!


So now the big question - How much am I going to have to pay for this crazy cool new dashboard? And here's the best part.


Dasheroo is freeeeeeeee.


Well, they will have a premium version, but for most of us the free version will work just fine. 


Dasheroo has not yet officially launched – but you can sign up today at http://www.Dasheroo.com. You seriously have to check this one out. There's no reason not to.


It will take you about 10 minutes to set up. And the metrics – insights – analytics might very possibly change your business.


For more questions you can email me, or better yet – the folks at Dasheroo. 


Have fun and get measuring!


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