B2B LinkedIn Launchpad - Professional

B2B LinkedIn Launchpad - Professional

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Comprehensive B2B LinkedIn Training System

Start today and learn the steps your B2B enterprise needs to follow to drive results with LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the most effective social network for delivering B2B content, and 65% of companies have acquired B2B leads through LinkedIn*.

Our training series will teach you techniques for finding and connecting with your audience so that you can begin a conversation and nurture new leads. Using established lead generation strategies, along with LinkedIn’s features, tools and applications, you can leverage this powerful social network and realize the benefits that other B2B companies are already receiving using LinkedIn.

*LinkedIn 2014: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

Our series of 5 pre-recorded webinar sessions will teach you the step-by-step techniques to:

  • Attract more leads
  • Convert leads into clients
  • Generate brand awareness in your industry
  • Find, engage and manage vendors, referral partners and candidates …and more!
Click here to watch our introduction video to the LinkedIn Launchpad Traning Series.

Director of Communications
5/ 5 stars


This is a small product, but is full of great tips.  Don't let the size deceive you!  Just implementing a few of these tips might make a big difference!

5/ 5 stars


Viveka came to speak at our event in Atlanta and it was definitely an hour worth investing.  When she offered this eBook to supplement her talk, I jumped on the opportunity to have a hard copy!  Viveka truly is the LinkedIn Expert.  She's a great LinkedIn speaker - and I would recommend her for your association or agency event.

5/ 5 stars


LOVE LOVE LOVE the LinkedProspecting Training!

Founder, Ava Diamond International and RockYouSpeaking
0/ 5 stars


Viveka is the go to person on LinkedIn. Both her expertise and her ability to parlay that expertise mean she can really teach you what you need to excel on LinkedIn