Business Success Requires Clear Thinking Every Day by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Monday January 23, 2017 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip

The legendary ads of Nike feature the slogan: Just do it. Yet when it comes to managing your business day perhaps you shouldn’t always follow the same words. Smart daily business strategy requires clear thinking at all times for business success.

Consistent business success involves many factors.

Such as:

  • The business marketplace
  • The economy
  • The industry you are in such as IT, manufacturing, software, construction, digital marketing and social media, etc.
  • Your business knowledge and experience
  • The people or co-workers on your business team
  • Customer or client needs
  • Significant developing trends impacting business
  • Plus many other aspects targeted to your unique way of doing business.


There are so many business related matters on your mind each day that require clear thinking.

As business people we often don’t pay attention to what we are telling ourselves throughout the business day. This happens at the sub-conscious level. The good news is: It doesn’t mean you are talking to yourself all day!

But have you ever said to yourself: What was I thinking! -  regarding something that happened during your business day?

It’s about what you instinctively know or feel in your gut you should do but you don’t – or you know you shouldn’t but you still do. It can go either way depending on the business situation. Every day you are bombarded by business decisions critical to your success. It doesn’t matter how small or how large. All decisions are important. That’s where the should and shouldn’t factor comes in for MORE business success.

An example would be terminating an employee because the employee has consistently not been performing despite reviews and coaching from management and other team members. The decision was stalled hoping the situation would change for the better but it didn’t. In fact, it only got worse and delayed multiple opportunities for progress, large and small, in the business. Nobody likes to release an employee. But waiting to do what is inevitable only leads to saying to yourself: I knew that employee should have been replaced  months ago! Ultimately, it serves no one involved and only potentially creates more stress and lower productivity.

Another example is a business idea you never acted on. Only another business associate or the competition successfully did act on a similar idea which then cut into the impact on your company’s strategy, success and profit.

Every day you are subjected to advertising messages telling you what to think, how to behave and what type of shampoo to use to look good, feel good and be successful. You’re surrounded by people who will give advice from their point of view but it may not be the best advice for you and the business or industry you are in.

That’s why it’s vital for your business success to have clear thinking every day. In fact, it’s required. No excuses!

It’s your business vision, your leadership that moves the company forward with the right strategies and plans.

  • If you’re not paying attention
  • If you’re not focused
  • If you’re distracted
  • If you’re not listening to yourself
  • If you’re not being intuitive about how you approach business every day
  • If you don’t listen to your wise inner business voice…

Then when you do experience an uncomfortable feeling about a particular business decision you won’t be able to accurately decide whether you should or should not move forward. You won’t be able to make a clear thoughtful business decision.

There are tremendous business opportunities just waiting for you! 

Remember: Business success requires clear thinking.

When you get an uncomfortable feeling about something in your business day ask yourself: Why? 

Don’t take any action till you are convinced it’s the right business strategy. Just because someone tells you it’s good for you and the business, doesn’t mean it is.

Always remember:

  • Think it through.
  • Consider any unintended consequences.
  • Make the best business decision you can for you and the company.
  • Be in ACTION!
  • Make it HAPPEN!


To your success!


Howard Lewinter

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