Did LinkedIn Get Rid of the “How You’re Connected” Employee Feature on Company Pages?

By: Viveka Tuesday November 10, 2015 comments Tags: New changes, LinkedI, LinkedIn Fail, LinkedIn #Fail, #LinkedInFail

LinkedIn Glitch Freaks out LinkedIn Community!

So it turns out that LinkedIn (at this time) did NOT get rid of the "How You're Connected" feature on Company Pages.  But the immediate and drastic response is telling.  Is LinkedIn doing too much - and not always in the best interests of its users?

I think I have been pretty vocal about my discomfort with LinkedIn's newest changes. From the messenger app getting rid of the BCC and sorting of inbound/outbound and archived messages, to the inability to search group members by name or keyword, to the loss of the promotions tab in groups, LinkedIn seems to be making changes that are pissing off a lot of people. Folks who have been using LinkedIn effectively for years are feeling like they are being punished for being active users. Is it a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater? For a few spammers we all get spanked? 

Since they DID NOT get rid of Company Page employees, let this be a reminder of how useful that feature is! One of LinkedIn's greatest strengths is the ability to see just who you know at a company you are interested in working for or with. The ability to see whom you know who might be a gateway person to your ideal prospect was one of LinkedIn’s best (remaining) features.

I probably use the employee “How You’re Connected” feature on company pages every day. Make sure you check it out too...

So many people are upset with the recent changes that LinkedIn has made. People who have been using LinkedIn for years are telling me that they are looking for other solutions now. Thank goodness this was just a glitch. I'm glad they fixed it quickly. I hope LinkedIn goes back to being the excellent business tool it used to be.


Let me know what your experience with LinkedIn’s changes have been… 

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