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Visualize this scene: You’re in a restaurant. You have been wanting to eat at this restaurant for a long time. It’s on all the “best of” restaurant review lists. It’s trendy. It’s a see and be seen kind of place. The food is fresh, creative and delicious. The atmosphere is perfect to dine in. Then there are the desserts.  Chocolate desserts are a specialty of the restaurant. You came for the food but you really want the dessert. You are at the restaurant with a friend or a business associate. The meal is finished. It was quite enjoyable. Now you’re waiting for dessert. The waiter comes to the table, smiles and says: Would you like dessert?

Before you can say anything, the other person at the table says: No, thank you. I’m full from the delicious meal. Just coffee for me please. Then the waiter looks at you and says: What would you like? Well… What you really want is the decadent chocolate layer cake! But instead, you say: I’ll have coffee too. You give yourself all kinds of excuses as to why you settled for just a cup of coffee. You really wanted the chocolate cake too. Why did this happen? Because you were influenced by the person you were dining with.

People influence people. Consciously or un-consciously.

Here’s two other examples: 1) Your neighbor down the street drives home in a new car one day. Now you want a new car too.  2) A well-known celebrity wears a particular clothing item or pair of shoes. Suddenly, the designer is sold out. The style becomes instantly fashionable.


Because people influence people.

In marketing and sales today, the word, influence, is frequently mentioned.

The question to ask yourself is:

Do you influence success at your company?

Are you a business influencer?

If so, how?

For the positive?  For the negative? Or are you neutral most of the time – and let others influence you?


Here’s a series of questions to ask yourself regarding the degree of influence at your company:

  • Do you have leaders (including yourself) in the company who absolutely motivate co-workers?
  • What do you hear around the company mostly – negative or positive comments? How does that influence the company culture and its customers?
  • Is the right message being delivered? To co-workers? To customers? To vendors the company works with?
  • What about the company’s brand image? That includes any advertising, industry meetings, social media including LinkedIn. Does the business have a company page on LinkedIn?
  • Have you considered how the company’s sales team influences prospects, customers and business profits? Every sales person is an influencer. Sales people influence others to buy the company’s product or service.


If you are a CEO, president or business owner, you influence everyone that works at your company; you influence every customer that buys from your company. Your influence will either grow or not grow your business.

As you go about your business day think about how your thoughts, words, actions, decisions influence others and influence the future of your company. Your influence highly impacts your success, as well as the success of others. Know who you are. Don’t let others influence you in ways you don’t want to be lead or will prevent further business success.

Now about the chocolate cake…


To your success!

Howard Lewinter

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