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How LinkedIn’s Upgraded Mobile App will Help You Stay Connected and Engaged in Your Busy World


Does this sound familiar?

You are driving to Starbucks, caught in traffic.  The man you are going to meet has been on your radar for years.  In fact, they make fun of you at work, asking how things are going with “The Mystery Man”.  They can laugh all they want, but YOU know he is your big ticket!  He’s the one person who can help you achieve everything you have ever wanted in life. 

The car in front of you crawls forward.  You are going to be late.  Late for the most important meeting of your life!  Frantically you ask your Apple Play to send him a text.  But you don’t have his phone number!  How could you have forgotten to save his phone number?

Then your phone pings.  It’s your LinkedIn app reminding you of the meeting you booked with him.  You remember you had connected on LinkedIn -  and you are saved. 


(Make sure to connect your calendar in LinkedIn's Mobile App and turn on Notifications!)

Because there’s his number!  Pulling out of traffic, you stop at the side of the road, and call. He is gracious and agrees to wait for you.

Sound like the worst first date ever?  Sometimes meeting a new prospect for the first time feels that way.  As a sales professional, we are always meeting new prospects, new clients, and new leads.  And a lot of time that awkwardness (and low closing ratio) can be avoided by making use if LinkedIn!

How LinkedIn Works…. 

That fact is you are on your way to meet with a Key influencer at a company you have been trying to close for years.  Up until someone showed you how to really use LinkedIn a few months ago, you had been trying to connect through cold emails and cold calls.  None of which were getting past the dragon at the gate.  Named Todd. 

But now, because you were shown how to search Company Pages, you were able to find that Key influencer (let’s call him Jim) on his Company page.  A quick search even showed that you had a few colleagues in common, and went to the same grade school.  And you both like Scuba diving too.

Armed, you send him an Inmail (paid LinkedIn Mail to someone not connected to you on LinkedIn) dropping a few of these coincidences.  And were able to convince him to accept your invitation to connect. 

Through LinkedIn's new Messenger feature you were able to set up a meeting. Today. This meeting.  The meeting that will land you the biggest account you have had to date, that might get you the raise, and land you a big fat commission.

Pulling into the coffee shop you check your LinkedIn Mobile app.  Taking a final peak at the posts he has written, his bio and his picture, you feel confident in your ability to engage him on his level.  His Published posts confirm he has the knowledge and talents you are interested in.

No minor detail, you now know what he looks like (so no awkward “are you Jim?” questions to every man in the shop vaguely resembling him.)  And even though you‘ve already thoroughly Googled him, a last minute peak at his work history allows you to walk in with confidence.

Hand outstretched and with an assured smile on your face, you greet Jim with poise and friendliness.  Even though he is your biggest prospect to date, the research you have done, and your brief communications almost makes you feel like you know him. Your comfort level shows through, and that immediately puts him at ease.

You are able to answer his questions seamlessly, and can even show him examples of your company’s work on your LinkedIn Company Page (having had your social media person upload some pertinent updates a few days earlier.)

As you are scrolling through your Network on your phone, Jim comments on an update a mutual friend of yours has made.  This leads to an even deeper conversation and a greater feeling of synergy and synchronicity. 

Finally, about 45 minutes later (a full 30 minutes longer than he had scheduled with you) he smiles and says to send him the paperwork.  He’s ready to sign.

You stay cool on the outside, but know there will be a happy dance once you get into your car! 

Shaking hands again at the door, you watch him head out to his car.  Pulling out your laptop, and before he can change his mind, you send him the contract through LinkedIn Messenger and through email.  (You want all your bases covered!)

Your phone pings again as you get a latte for the road.  Clicking on your notifications, you see a message from him on your app.  A PDF of the signed contract. 

Happy dance ensues.  Who cares who is looking???

Is this fiction? 

Is this a fairy tale?  No.  While the cast of characters and the restaurant of choice might change, this scene is played out every day, by savvy social sellers.

If you are not using LinkedIn, and more importantly, if you are not making LinkedIn’s mobile a part of your selling arsenal, then you are missing out on creating similar results for yourself!

Take the following steps to convert leads into prospects -  and prospects into clients on LinkedIn!

  • Get into the habit of using LinkedIn to search and find prospects.
  • See who or what you have in common with them, and reach out through an Inmail or invitation.
  • Do some deeper research into their history and activity; what updates are they sharing? Are they Publishing Posts?  What about?
  • Stay in touch with the occasional message and updates (the more helpful and the less sales-y the better.)
  • Take it offline if you can! Go for the meeting (or at least a phone call.)
  • Make sure your Mobile app is updated and calendar is synced.
  • Think quality, not quantity when engaging with leads!

Not every prospect you reach out to on LinkedIn will become a client  - but like the Powerball, if you don’t play, you’ll never win.  (Although unlike the Powerball, you chances at winning on LinkedIn are super high!) 

Let LinkedIn’s Updated Mobile App help you take your social selling career to the next level.


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