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Experience Title Fields and Descriptions


Placing keywords in your current and past title fields will also help you get found on LinkedIn. You have 100 characters. Your official title will always go first, but adding a colon or space and briefly describing what your company does can greatly increase traffic to your profile.

If you are ever unsure of what to include, or need help with formatting, please feel free to look at my profile at so you can see what I have done. Understand your profile does not need to be as extensive as mine, (as this is what I do for a living,) but you can get the idea of what to do in the Title fields from my profile.

One area that is often lacking in keywords is the Description section of your Experience. According to LinkedIn’s new search algorithm, this is one of the best places to put your keywords. For each description area (current and past) you have 1,000 characters available to you to plant these keywords.

So as you describe what you do for the company and what the company does as a whole, these keywords should fit in very naturally. Just be a bit more conscious about where you are placing them. Maybe plug a few more in than you already have. Do this in a Word document first, so you can use bullets and other special characters, and then copy and paste it into the experience section.


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